Time for the Top Ten Art Parties taking place in June. See below for additional events – FYI – all of our top ten events can be found on our Upcoming Events Page….or just use the Click Here link to take you to the event feature.

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If you have some suggestions for our event selection, be sure to email us by the 2nd week of the prior month.
1. June 2, 2017: Skidmore Contemporary Art – For info, Click Here 
2. June 2 – 11, 2017: Future Tongue  – For info, Click Here  
3. June 4, 2017: SANTA MONICA AUCTIONS – For info, Click Here
4. June 8, 2917: Fab-gallery – For info, Click Here

5. June 10, 2017: Angel Art 2017 – For info, Click Here
6. June 10, 2017: The G2 Gallery – For info, Click Here
7. June 17, 2017: bG Gallery, “Spectrum-Gestalt” – Click Here
8. June 17 & 18 2017: LA Winefest – Click Here
9. June 23 – 25, 2017: Dwell on Design – For info, Click Here
10. June 24, 2017: Loft at LIz’s, “Diverted Destruction” – For info, Click Here

CLICK HERE for some additional art parties for the first half of the month of June 2017 and CLICK HERE for the LAST HALF OF JUNE…..or just scroll down to see more details on these art parties below – in date order!