On June 6, The G2 Gallery, two new exhibitions opened “Susan McConnell: On the Shoulders of Giants,” and Roberto Cabral: Fragile Strength. “On the Shoulders of Giants” is a photography exhibit by Susan McConnell about the grandeur, power and beauty of land’s largest mammal, the African elephant. 

As a neuroscientist and Professor of Biology at Stanford University, Susan combines her expertise in animal behavior with instinct and her artistic eye to capture intimate family moments. The collection of 28 awe-inspiring photographs celebrates these colossal creatures, illustrating their intelligence, adaptability, close family ties and complex social structures.
From Left to Right: “Protection” and “The Conversation,” by Susan McConnell

“On the Shoulders of Giants” premiered at Stanford University last spring. “Elephants are among the most poached animal on our planet,” says Curator Monika Basse. “We are honored to present this exhibit to the Los Angeles community to shed light on this issue.”

“I believe that empathy can underlie actions that save ecosystems, so I try to create images that illuminate the emotional worlds of animals,” says Susan. The exhibit concludes with shadowy silhouettes of elephants against the landscape, alluding to the possibility of ghostly images in our future, to inspire conservation for these magnificent animals.

The exhibition “Roberto Cabral: Fragile Strength,” features endangered African animals with a fresh artistic approach and presents Roberto’s foray into conservation photography.

Roberto’s interest in photography began as a high school hobby and has fueled a passionate lifelong love affair with photography. A few months ago, Roberto traveled to Africa for the first time to honor his father’s love of travel. Seeing the big cats, majestic elephants, powerful gorillas and towering giraffes ignited a fervor for conservation photography.
June10-2017-theG2Gallery-From LefttoRight-MuhozatheThinker-and-LionUnderFullMoon-byRoberto-Cabra
From Left to Right: “Muhoza the Thinker” and “Lion Under Full Moon,” by Roberto Cabra

“Roberto’s images out of Rwanda and Kenya are very unique,” says Curator Monika Basse. “The black and white fine art elements Roberto incorporates in his art elevate these photos and the underlying message behind them.” Roberto added, “In great strength there is vulnerability, and in vulnerability, strength. This collection shows the raw power of the natural world and its fragility.”

The opening reception for “Susan McConnell: On the Shoulders of Giants,” along with “Robert Cabral: Fragile Strength,” will be held Saturday, June 10, 2017.  All proceeds from admissions and art sales will be donated to Wildlife Conservation Network’s Elephant Crisis Fund.

What: Opening reception
Where: The G2 Gallery, 1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA 90291
Website: http://www.theg2gallery.com/