Additional Art Parties/Events in November 2018

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November 1, 2018Enjoy an art talk at Annenberg Community Beach House moderated by Genie Davis.The event takes place in conjunction with its current exhibition "Life In This Ocean," curated by Deirdre Sullivan Beeman and Kathy Taslitz.Photo courtesy of Deirdre Sullivan BeemanThe all-female

Additional Art Parties/Events Last Half of November 2018

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We've got more art party suggestions for the second half of November 2018...let's not forget about Thanksgiving...we have a few recommendations for you. Remember if you forgot to send in your event early...we do sell last minute large features (300 words with

Additional Art Parties/Events Last Days of November 2018

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Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!======================================November 23, 2018…and on The holidays are a great time to enjoy the arts. Check out the Artists / Exhibitions Page, go to the On View Now drop-down to read more about exhibitions in local