Enjoy a virtual art party with Los Angeles artist Eva Montealegre, an avid painter. Painting nearly everyday, it is part of her DNA. “All my pursuits have formed and informed the narrative of my expression,” said the artist. “The best thing and most courageous thing I have ever been is an artist, a painter. And so, I paint because I must be that courageous, I must be a painter or I will die. I don’t say that to be dramatic. I say that because it is true.”

 Deep Three, oil on canvas with bronze patina; Eva Montealegre

Montealegre’s series Deep One, Two and Three take the viewer on a deep dive into the subconscious.

“This painting is titled: Deep Three, explained Montealegre. “It’s all about the power of the mind. I enjoy going deep into the psyche. The newest discoveries about the brain and neuroscience are quite the subject of dinner parties and more private discussions. This idea that you can heal the point of origin has been the basis of psychology and therapy for decades. I visit these places in my Deep series and many people enjoy them. I think it’s because these paintings provide a 2-D experience and maybe even a reference to the ideas of good mental health and well being.”

Find out more about the artist on her website – https://www.evamontealegre.com/