Aquatic artist/photographer Richard Bilow created the Sea Life Channel at Aqua Terra Studios to share the beauty of the sea with you. Enjoy 100% FREE undersea music videos whenever you desire. The hypnotic healing shorts were shot and edited by Richard with original soundtracks by guitarist Rich Cohen and composer Benjamin Davis.

Richard Bilow with client, Shaquille O’Neal; photo courtesy of Richard Bilow

During this stressful time, enjoy the peaceful 4-13 minute productions, offering a glimpse into the beautiful undersea worlds of the Pacific and Caribbean seas. Dolphins, turtles, jellyfish, and parrot fish are just a few of the endearing visuals. CLICK HERE to view the demo, or go to the HOME Page of –  and scroll to the bottom for more videos.

About Richard Bilow:
Aquatic Installations artist/photographer Richard Bilow founded his company Aqua-Terra Studios in 1988. Combining his professional experience of creating aquarium and terrarium environments with his passion for art, architecture, and design, Bilow has taken the concept of aquariums as art to a new level. Here the artist/designer continues to develop his innovative blend of sculpture, art, and aquarium design.

His clients include: Fran Drescher, Perry Ferrell, Tommy Lee, Heather Locklear, Courtney Cox, Charlie Sheen, among others. He has been commissioned by City of Beverly Hills City Hall Complex, San Diego Marriott Hotel, The Friars of Beverly Hills, and the famed Wolfgang Puck/Barbara Lazaroff restaurant, Granita, in Malibu California.

The artist originally began filming under water to create his multi-media installations, but fell in love with undersea imaging and created the Sea Life Channel to share this exotic world with the public. Find out more about Richard Bilow on his website –