Robin Becker is a photo, fibers, mixed-media artist who utilizes all of the aforementioned media to create her one-of-a-kind artwork. “My artwork is site specific portraying places I seek out around the world: Seeing what is left of old remote California Missions; Looking at nearly vanished buildings left in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico; Remnants of structures that have aged, their pigment fading in Berlin, Florence, New York, New Orleans, Nimes, Paris, Rome, Sienna, Vancouver and Venice.”

“Paris Apartment” – Victor Hugo, Unexpected Clothing Suite, Paris, France, mixed media, cloth, paint pigment, stencil, handmade paper, wax

Robin Becker 

Her work, “Paris Apartment” – Victor Hugo, Paris France” is part of her Unexpected Clothing” series, which depicts store windows all over the world with the clothes refracted by light and reflected street images. She explains, ‘The ‘empty’ clothes imply an opportunity for the viewer to place herself in the picture surrounded by beauty, or to step out of this time and perhaps remake one’s own image. I consider these works to be fundamentally feminist in nature because they focus on a woman’s choice of self-perception and her own beauty.“

“The personal home of Victor Hugo, a grand apartment. I gave it an unexpected twist adding a dress pinned on a body form that is surrounded by light from the window.  The very intimate collections that were an inspiration to Victor Hugo’s writing life and travels gave me a glimpse of the man and his worlds.”

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