If you missed all the openings that took place at the Bendix Building (1206 Maple Ave, LA, 90015) the early part of February, you can still visit the galleries. Be sure to check the websites for hours. 

A group show titled “Tailgate” is also on view at Monte Vista Projects (#523). On view: February 8 to March 1, 2020; Monte Vista Projects (#523); http://www.montevistaprojects.com/

A-B Projects (#540) features the art of UK-based artist Phoebe Cummings, whose ceramic practice centers on the temporal aspects of the medium. Runs thru: March 29, 2020;  A-B Projects (#540); https://a-bprojects.com/

Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles (#523) has organized a group exhibition titled “Fully Furnished Room.” Artists include: Patrick Galvin, Sami Ibrahim, Anthony Benedict & Katherine Lubahn, Liz Nurenberg, Joel Fox, Brant Ritter, Michael Niemetz, Jackie Rines, Liz Ferrell, Armando Ramos III, Brittany Mojo, Dani Tull, Christopher Ulivo, Daniel Paul Schubert, Lookout and Wonderland, Stephanie Dotson, Vanessa Chow, Johanna Braun, Daniel Nimmo, Andrew Garcia, Carlos Kessler. On view: March 1, 2020; Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles (#523); https://www.tigerstrikesasteroid.com/

Also at the Bendix Building…Durden and Ray (#832) offers a group show “The Vista,” organized by Max Presneill and Wade Schuster. Artists include: Nick Aguayo, Tim Biskup, William Bradley, Daniela Campins, Tomory Dodge, Yvette Gellis, Rema Ghuloum, John Goetz, Jenny Hager, Alex Kroll, David Leapman, Michael Mancari, Max Presneill, Wade Schuster, Marie Thibeault, Chris Trueman, Chasen Wolcott, Steven Wolkoff, and Alison Woods. Runs thru: March 1, 2020; Durden and Ray, (#832); http://www.durdenandray.com/

Chateau Shatto (#1030) presents “Longevity Buns,” featuring the art of Parker Ito. Runs thru: April 4, 2020; Chateau Shatto (#1030); http://chateaushatto.com/

Track 16 (#1005) showcases a group exhibition titled “If Everything is an Outrage” featuring members from the Los Angeles-based women’s art collective, Binder of Women. Runs thru: March 21, 2020; Track 16 (#1005); http://www.track16.com/