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February 22, 2020: 18th Street Arts Center, Airport Campus, Open Studios, Art Reception

2020-02-29T06:47:04+00:00By |Past Events|

18th Street Arts Center (Airport Campus, 3026 Airport Ave., SM 90405) hosts an open studios event, AND an opening reception for “Las Hijas de los Días and Drawing Connections” from 5-8pm. Also on view is “Drawing Connections” - see more info

Additional Art Parties/Events in February 2019 – Updated

2020-01-19T02:09:15+00:00By |Past Events|

We have added some more events for this coming weekend. February 2019, is proving to be pretty darn busy with SIX art fairs taking place in Los Angeles this month!============================== February 6, 2019:dnj Gallery hosts a Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra Performance concurrently

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