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On View September 4, 2021: Thinkspace Gallery, New Exhibitions

2021-09-05T16:34:42+00:00By |Past Events|

In there West Adams area…Thinkspace is continuing its spectacular summer programming with two new solo shows plus additional new works in the viewing room. The artwork will be on view thru September 4, 2021. In Gallery One will be Alex Face’s

On View thru May 22, 2021: Thinkspace Projects, New exhibitions

2021-05-24T22:26:45+00:00By |Past Events|

In the West Adams District...Thinkspace Projects presents “Millo: At the Crack of Dawn,” and “Mando Marie: Tell Me All About It.” The opening was held on Saturday, May 1, 2021, but the exhibition will remain on view thru May 22, 2021.

On View thru April 24, 2021: Thinkspace Projects, Giorgiko, Brad Woodfin

2021-04-27T05:51:58+00:00By |Past Events|

In the West Adams area, Thinkspace Projects presents two brand new solo exhibitions. In Gallery I, “What Is and what is not,” by Giorgiko will be on view. This husband and wife duo incorporate the etymological root of the word apcalypse, the

On View thru February 27, 2021: Lowell Ryan Projects, Jorge Luis Santos, Antonio Adriano Puleo

2021-02-28T20:39:32+00:00By |Past Events|

Lowell Ryan Projects presents two new exhibitions -  “Manchas de Zapatos,” a solo show by the Cuban artist Jorge Luis Santos, and “Four Fours,” a subsequent work and small sculptures, by Antonio Adriano Puleo.  Jorge Luis Santos working in his

February – March 2020: Lowell Ryan Projects, Xavier Schipani

2020-03-31T19:59:41+00:00By |Past Events|

In the West Adams area…Lowell Ryan Projects (4851 West Adams Blvd., LA 90016) presents “They Laughed With Pleasure,” by Xavier Schipani running through April 11, 2020; Xavier Schipani, Runners, 2020; The solo exhibition is inspired by the diaries of

Additional Art Parties/Events Last Half of September 2018 – Updated

2020-01-19T02:07:24+00:00By |Past Events|

Another update for you for the last half of September 2018 - Enjoy! Remember to check our Performance Drop-down under the Upcoming Page for additional events NOT listed below – such as the Isley Brothers on Sept 21 and on September

Additional Art Parties/Events Last Half of September 2018 – Final Update

2020-01-19T02:07:26+00:00By |Past Events|

Here is our final update for you for the last half of September 2018. I wanted to point out some new drop-downs listed under our Upcoming Events Page. Now, in addition to our Top Ten, and Features, dropdowns....check out these new drop-downs Additional

Additional Art Parties/Events – Last Half of October 2017-Updated!

2020-01-19T02:04:18+00:00By |Past Events|

Here an updated list of events taking place in the latter half of October 2017. Subscribers will be notified when additional events are added (VIP subscribers will be notified early). Become a subscriber NOW - Just email us back at

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