As my LAArtParty subscribers know, I adore art. I love spotlighting it, as well as the artists that create it. Being a Los Angeles art writer for the past 20 years has been an incredible experience. Therefore branching out to include art in other parts of the world was obviously the next step. Since the launch of LAArtParty’s sister site in 2018, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling. Of course the pandemic did slow me down, but I am happy to be out there again. See below more info on an amazing art hotel in Denver CO, that I reviewed for ETG in July 2023.

Amazing Art Hotel Denver

An Art Suite from the Acoma House; Featured art by Kaitlin Ziesmer

Amazing Art Hotel Denver

I stayed at the most amazing art hotel in Denver CO called The Acoma House. Each room or suite was painted by a different artist. The building, which is over a hundred years old, has its owns history. The re-design and artistry that was put into the renovation of this building is stunning.

I reviewed the hotel, and even interviewed four of the artists. CLICK HERE to read to the review.

I also featured the owners in another article. Christina and Michael Eisenstein are incredible art supporters. CLICK HERE to read more about them.

The Artists of the Acoma House

The above photo shows a mural created by Kaitlin Ziesmer – CLICK HERE to read the Q & A with this artist

Alexandrea Pangburn was one of the co-curators of the Acoma House. She also painted her own room at the art hotel. Additionally, Alex painted much of the exterior mural (see image) as well. CLICK HERE to read the Q & A with this artist.

Muralist Alexandrea Pangburn painted much of the exterior mural on the Acoma House

Grow Love is one more Acoma House artist that I wanted to spotlight. I also had the chance to meet her at an art party for the artist which took place while I was staying at the hotel. CLICK HERE to read the Q & A with this artist.

CLICK HERE for a direct link to all of the interviews which are located in the Stories Section; Art Page; under the Art Talk drop-down.

Be aware, there are a lot more talented artists who contributed to the Acoma House, so visit the the hotel’s website at

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