Aazam Irilian is an Intuitive Artist and educator.  She is a strong believer in the healing aspects of the arts—that engaging in the creative process promotes clarity of mind and help individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and recognize their potential. Therefore, to be able to overcome life challenges  and live their dreams.

“Art making has saved me from spinning down into the dark hole of depression and gave me a tool to see the beauty of life, “ says the artist

Life Lines; by Aazam Irilian

Aazam continues, “Being an artist is pouring one’s soul onto the canvas, carving it into a stone or molding it into clay. It is being able to free the mind to create beauty, to create mysteries and, to create long-lasting emotion and passion for the viewer. My paintings are created through combining minerals, acrylic, fabric dyes and oil on canvas. Using layers of one or all mediums, I create texture and depth within the space. This results in crystallization on the canvas, leading to a sense of fluidity and translucency on the surface, complemented by organic lines to create movement and form. I am inspired by nature, where I am pulled into experiencing every curve, movement, texture, and fragrance by being present in any given moment. I paint intuitively, capturing the essence of light and positive energy of my experiences. In the process, I explore unlimited options that present themselves and a variety of elements from nature become prominent in my work. I do not paint the actual objects but my experience of the space and the undercurrent and core of what seems to be visible. I create from the heart. Through my art I intent to touch the hearts and souls of my viewers, to bring them joy, lift their spirit and transcend the moment to one beyond this world.”

Find out more about Aazam and her art on her website – https://www.aazamirilian.com/