Lowell Ryan Projects presents two new exhibitions –  “Manchas de Zapatos,” a solo show by the Cuban artist Jorge Luis Santos, and “Four Fours,” a subsequent work and small sculptures, by Antonio Adriano Puleo. 

Jorge Luis Santos working in his studio in Miami, FL

“Manchas de Zapatos” features a body of the artist’s most recent abstract work, including seven monumental canvases and paintings from his Rojo series. Working on multiple pieces at the same time (arranged sometimes on the floor, other times on the wall), Santos wields paint like an extension of himself, and it is not uncommon to find shoe prints, handmade gestures, and stains alongside brush strokes in his works.

As the title suggests, “Four Fours,” features a grid of sixteen intimately-sized paintings (arranged in a 4×4 grid), one larger painting, and numerous sculptures byAntonio Adriano Puleo. The pieces are abstract geometric arrangements of form and color—Puleo’s process favors interconnectedness, softening the traditionally strict delineation between works. That is, he does not finish one piece and set it aside to start another; instead he considers each “finished” piece to be a study for the next. This lends the intimately sized work an almost orchestral sense of grandiosity––one achieved not by any singular gesture but rather through resonance.

On view: January 9 – February 27, 2021; CLICK HERE to schedule your next visit.

What: New exhibitions, Jorge Luis Santo, Antonio Adriano Puleo
Where: Lowell Ryan Projects, 4851 West Adams Blvd., LA, 90016
Website: https://www.lowellryanprojects.com