I am a huge fan of the art of Gregg Chadwick. Visit his Santa Monica studio at 18th Street Arts Center Airport Campus to view his stunning paintings. Also, check out an interview with Gregg Chadwick on our sister site…EatTravelGo.comCLICK HERE to read.

Gregg Chadwick

 Gregg Chadwick

If you have not seen Gregg Chadwick’s Train series…you need to. Be sure to stop by his Santa Monica studio.

“I grew up with the rails of America in my blood. My grandfather Arthur Desch, worked as a fireman stoking coal in steam engines before he advanced to train engineer on the Jersey Central Line. Parties and family gatherings in my grandparent’s home brought the rhythms of the rails home. In their clean but Jersey dank basement, the sounds of railroad workers echoed in the music my aunts and cousins played in the shadows of the train lines outside.”


The artist continues…”From Junior Parker, to Elvis Presley, to Bob Dylan, to Johnny Cash, to The Band, to Bruce Springsteen, to Michael McDermott, to arts writer Greil Marcus, to film writer and director Jim Jarmusch, the enduring mythos of America and its legacy has been wrapped in the blues notes of the song Mystery Train. Recently, I found black and white memories of my family’s yearnings, struggles, and triumphs.  Whispers of cellar mysteries found their way back into my thoughts and dreams. Today as I paint, a current song by Gary Clark Jr., When My Train Pulls In, propels me back into memories of earlier sounds of passion and propulsion. “

These powerful echoes of those machine days that Gregg refers to are in his Train series. Find out more about this talented artist on  his website – https://www.greggchadwick.com       

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