As we forge ahead into 2018, the art world will see many changes. I have been receiving emails and calls from many subscribers about the fate of Bergamot Station Arts Center aka the 26th Street Art Center (its official name as of January 2018).

Here is a statement from Skidmore Contemporary Art”Despite erroneous rumors, the art gallery complex we all love is not closing. A few galleries have left. The core group of the twenty most important galleries are still here and are continuing their usual exhibition programs. We have just signed leases with Worthe Real Estate and look forward to our future together! As well, we thank the City of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Arts Commission for their continued support of our efforts. All that is about to change is the name of our gallery complex.”

January is a busy month…Enjoy our staff picks for the Top Ten Art Parties / Events for January 2018. Be sure to LIKE LAArtParty’s FB Page – this is where we post UPDATES, or sign up for our newsletter at and we will notify you, when we add more events. If you have some suggestions for our event selection, be sure to email us by the 2nd week of the prior month. Find out EARLY and receive INVITES to exclusive ART PARTIES – Become a VIP Subscriber HERE!  Stay tuned for our events update for the last half of the month on January 18, 2018
1. January 6, 2018: Gabba Gallery
 – For info, Click Here
2. January 6, 2018: Hive Gallery – For info, Click Here
3. January 10-14, 2018: LA Art Show – For info, Click Here
4. January 13, 2018: Skidmore Contemporary Art – For info, Click Here
5. January 20, 2018: de Plume Gallery – For info, Click Here
6. January 20, 2018: The Fahey/Klein Gallery – For info, Click Here
7. January 25–28, 2018: Art Los Angeles Contemporary  – For info, Click Here
8. January 26-28, 2018: stARTupArt Fair – For info, Click Here
9. January 27, 2018: huZ galleries – For info, Click Here
10. January 27, 2018: Uncorked Wine Festival – For info, Click Here

See below for an additional list of events for January 2018 – just scroll down to see more events in date order!

Click Here for a list of events taking place in the last half of the month. CLICK HERE for our original Additional Events list (includes earlier events) of the month.