Gabba Gallery presents four simultaneous solo exhibitions by Dytch66, Cyrus Howlett, Spacegoth, and Kate Kelton. Curated by Jason Ostro and Elena Jacobson.Jan6-2018-GABBA 
Robert “Dytch66” Gomez emerged in the 1980’s when graffiti became a lifestyle. In his first show of 2018, Dytch66 brings us his solo show Evolution. He uses motifs and subject matter such as water and animals to exemplify the evolution of his style while maintaining his roots in the LA graffiti scene.

In his second solo show, “Give and Take,” Cyrus Howlett explores the expressive power of hands. Vibrant brushstrokes of red, yellow, and teal pop against fields of raw plywood. The artist deftly infuses a timeless figure study format with his cool, street art sensibility. The results are fresh, evocative, and unmistakably modern.

“Spacegoth” has a niche in knowing how to make darkness feel inviting and accessible. The paintings in her latest exhibition, The Void, depict hilarious grim reapers, endearing devils, and enchanting white-eyed woodland animals. Spacegoth’s new show will invite you to step into the void, and maybe even embrace it.

Kate Kelton’s latest exhibition, “ARTSTAR” explores the idea that art is immortal. She uses a monochromatic palette on unfinished wood (some inside miniature, hinged chess boards), painting the faces of her favorite artist and adorning them with the headdresses her grandfather carved for a train station in Prague. Merging classical subject matter with modern techniques, ARTSTAR is “reclaimed, reapplied art nouveau.”

image courtesy of Gabba Gallery; Works by Dytch66, Cyrus Howlett, Spacegoth, Kate Kelton

On view: January 8 – January 27, 2018

Where: Gabba Gallery is located at 3126 Beverly Blvd.