September is HERE. Just in case you didn’t know the first Saturday after Labor Day (September 9, 2017), is notoriously the BUSIEST Art Day of the year. Many galleries are participating in the Getty Museum’s innitiative – Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, which explores Latin American and Latino art in dialogue with Los Angeles. 

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1. September 1, 2, 3, 2017: LA Times’ the TASTE – For info, Click Here  
2. September 9, 2017:  18th Street Arts Center – For info, Click Here
3. September 9, 2017:  FP Contemporary Art 
– For info, Click Here
4. September 9 & 16, 2017: Skidmore Contemporary Art – For info, Click Here

5. September 15, 2017: Arena 1 & SMAS For info, Click Here
6. September 15, 2017: MuzeuMM – For info, Click Here
7. September 16, 2017: PVAC – For info, Click Here
8. September 16, 2017: The Loft at Liz’s – For info, Click Here
9. September 23, 2017: Robert Berman – For info Click Here
10. September 30, 2017: Studio C Gallery – For info Click Here

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