Palos Verdes Art Center is pleased to announce “glass / cedar / grass,” featuring contemporary works by Haida artists Corey Stein, Lisa Telford and Corey Bulpitt. The exhibition opens September 16, 2017 with a reception open to the public, 6 – 9pm. Trained in traditional Native art making techniques, these artists are discovering new forms of expression to comment on contemporary life.
Aug16-2017PVAC-CoreyStein-Pipeline-seedbeadshandsewnonfelt edited-1Corey Stein, Pipeline, seed beads hand sewn on felt

Corey Stein transforms the art of hand-sewing glass seed beads on felt to record urban street scenes, make photo-inspired portraits, and comment on environmental concerns. Born in Los Angeles, many of her formative years were spent in Seattle.

Lisa Telford’s baskets and hats woven in red and yellow cedar bark are finely crafted traditional Haida works. Made with the same materials and methods, the ladies’ pumps depicted in Too Haida demonstrate the ability of Native traditions to participate in pop commentary. Extending the practice of weaving garments of plant fiber, Telford has executed works in the form of cowboy boots, an evening dress, and bustier, while continuing to make traditional forms as well. Born in Ketchikan, Alaska, Telford spent much of her childhood in Indiana but visited Alaska for traditional gatherings and potlatches and participating in traditional dance.  She learned to weave traditional Haida baskets from her aunt, Delores Churchill and traditional cedar garments from her cousin, Holly Churchill.
Sept16-2017-PVAC-  LisaTelford-TooHaida-redandyellowcedar
Lisa Telford,Too Haida, red and yellow cedar

Corey Bulpitt, whose Haida name, T’aak’eit Gaayaa means “gifted carver,” was born in Prince Rupert, British Columbia and is the descendant of many great Haida carvers, including Louis Collison, John Robson and Charles Edenshaw. Modeled on traditional Haida designs, Corey’s carving and painting also participates in another tradition – graffiti. As a street writer, he works under the name AKOS. His two practices merge in mural works and paintings that picture classic Haida motifs executed in spray paint.

In addition to the works by Corey Stein, Lisa Telford and Corey Bulpitt, glass / cedar / grass will also feature additional carving and basketry by guest artists.

What: Art Party
Where: Palos Verdes Art Center/Beverly G. Alpay Center for Arts Education, 5504 West Crestridge Road, Rancho Palos Verdes CA 90275
When: September 16, 2017, 6:00pm – 9:00pm