Happy 2019 from LAArtParty.com – can you believe it? Well if you are looking for some great art parties – we have got them for you!! Big news…my husband (Richard Bilow) and I have launched a new travel and food website called EatTravelGo.com – we decided to pool our talents…my writing and his photography. As you may expect, the website has an art slant. In addition to a curated list of Destinations, we have a Stories section…with a prominent Art/Photography page, featuring established artists revealing how travel inspires their art. We have more surprises coming in 2019. LAArtParty’s top ten list of events is….TopTenEvents-NEWbanner
1. January 6, 2019, Marie Baldwin Gallery, January 12, 2019 – For info, Click Here
2. January 12, 2019: Skidmore Contemporary Art – For info, Click Here
3. January 12, 2019: FP Contemporary Art – For info, Click Here
4. January 12, 2019: David Kordansky – For info, Click Here

5. January 12, 2019: Track 16 – For info Click Here
6. January 19, 2019: bG Gallery – For info Click Here
7. January 23 – 27, 2019: The LA Art Show – For info Click Here

8. January 25, 2019: The Rendon Gallery, Grand Opening – For info, Click Here

9. January 26, 2019: William Turner Gallery, Ed Moses – For info, Click Here
10 January 31 – February 3, 2019: PHOTO L.A. – For info, Click Here 

CLICK HERE for our list of Additional Events for the FINAL Update for February 2019. For earlier posts Click Here for the last Half of the Month Update and Here for the previous one and CLICK Here  for the original list (posted first).

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