David Kordansky Gallery presents two solo exhibitions…”Outdoor Sculpture,” an exhibition of major new works by Evan Holloway, and “Chromospheres,” its first exhibition by Fred Eversley.

Over the last 20 years Evan Holloway’s revisionist take on the modernist sculptural lexicon has become an indelible feature in the Los Angeles cultural imagination. He synthesizes compositional and conceptual rigor with a passion for handmade things, creating a body of work driven by intuition and the meanings resulting from the methods, restrictions, and possibilities of materials. 
Evan Holloway, 28 Incense Sticks, 2018, aluminum, incense, 110 x 97 x 66 inches (279.4 x 246.4 x 167.6 cm), unique

“Outdoor Sculpture” is Holloway’s first exhibition to consist solely of objects conceived for outdoor installation. Though they require intensive planning and fabrication, the open-air settings for which they are intended are necessarily less predictable than white-walled galleries. Holloway thereby reimagines the ephemerality and provisional quality of his earlier work, which often included performative elements or unorthodox materials, in a more expansive register and at a larger scale. The exhibition showcases a diverse range of sculptural languages, each of which addresses a different set of questions regarding form and signification.

Based in Venice Beach for five decades, Fred Eversley is a key figure in the development of contemporary art from Los Angeles during the postwar period. His work is the product of a pioneering vision attuned to enduring principles of energy, motion, space, gravity, time, light, and color, and synthesizes elements from several 20th-century art historical lineages with roots in Southern California–most notably the Light and Space movement, with which he has long been associated.
Jan12-2019-DavidKordansky-FredEversly-Untitled-paraboliclens-1969-2018-2-color-2-layer-castpolyesterFred Eversley, Untitled (parabolic lens), (1969) 2018, 2-color, 2-layer cast polyester, 19 1/4 x 19 1/4 x 6 inches (48.9 x 48.9 x 15.2 cm)

“Chromospheres” will feature the latest examples of Eversley’s iconic Parabolic Lens sculptures, an ongoing typology that is the result of continuous experimentation over the course of five decades. Made using clear resin and commercial dyes, these objects generate complex and highly luminous optical events for their viewers, encapsulating the mechanics of sight and the action of physical and metaphysical energies.

On view: January 12 – March 2, 2019

Where: David Kordansky, 5130 W. Edgewood Pl., Los Angeles, CA 90019
Website: http://davidkordanskygallery.com