celebrates ten years in 2020. We have big news coming in 2020…stay tuned. Our team has curated a fune list of featured picks for December. Don’t forget to check our Upcoming Events Page for more drop-downs which will offer even more holiday events that will get you in the spirit. Visit our sister site to get your foodie fix on. We recently expanded the Stories Section. Read my interview with Chef Curtis Stone on the Dining/Drinking Page. 
1. December 5, 2019: Arches Gallery, Tim Truby – For info, Click Here
2. December 5, 2019: Fahey/Klein Gallery, Frank Ockenfels – For info, Click Here
3. December 7, 2019: The Montana Avenue Holiday Walk – For info Click Here
4. December 7, 2019: GDCA Gallery, Bedri Baykam – For info, Click Here

5. December 14, 2019: bG Gallery Holiday Event – For info Click Here
6. December 14, 2019: Fort Gansevoort Los Angeles, Grand Opening – Click Here
7. December 14, 2019: Los Angeles Center of Photography – For info Click Here
8. December 15, 2019: The Skirball Cultural Center, Hanukkah Festival – Click Here

9. December 21, 22, 2019: GMCLA, Holiday Spectacular – For info, Click Here
10 December 24, 2019: 60th Annual L.A. County Holiday Celebration – Click Here

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