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“Vastness” by Margaret Lazzari @ George Billis LA

2020-08-24T06:26:05+00:00By |Art Parties / Exhibitions / Fairs, Reviews|

In the presence of a world-historical phenomenon, Ms. Lazzari testifies to the naturally beautiful at George Billis Gallery LA. It is a wonderful gesture that her most eruptive compositions in Vastness are unstretched canvasses out of creative happenstance due to the

Review: Zevitas Marcus, Daniel B. Dias

2020-02-20T10:18:42+00:00By |Art Parties / Exhibitions / Fairs, Reviews|

With Zevitas Marcus' latest opening, Daniel B. Dias most poignantly coyly and playfully critiques our contemporary society head-lurching over blue screens with his eponymous exhibition. We have faint resemblances of surreal gestures which intensify the odd absurdities of our current lives

Exhibition Review: Luis De Jesus, “Refraction,” Chris Engman

2020-02-21T08:08:27+00:00By |Art Parties / Exhibitions / Fairs, Reviews|

Chris Engman's works in "Refraction" surpass the human imagination's ability to conceive of the meticulous. Indeed, together with the site-specific Containment which creates an ethereal effervescent stimulus – quite extraordinary for a fine art to accomplish – we have a rigorous

Exhibition Review: Zevitas Marcus, RONA PONDICK: WORKS 2013 – 2018

2020-02-21T08:11:50+00:00By |Art Parties / Exhibitions / Fairs, Reviews|

Rona Pondick's Works from 2013-2018 at Zevitas Marcus show a chronological installment of a genuine artist. By genuine, we mean an artist who grows in response to a tiredness to previous exertions at novel beautiful creations, of one who's mastery finds

Exhibition Review: Nino Mier Gallery, “André Butzer: Goethe komischer Mann” 

2020-06-27T05:32:50+00:00By |Art Parties / Exhibitions / Fairs, Reviews|

Nino Mier Gallery has made a splash onto the Los Angeles Contemporary Art scene with a resplendent opening. The grand and imposing compositions of André Butzer do not dare to be daunting, but rather festive, each in an inconceivably original manner. This is

Exhibition Review: Craig Krull Gallery “Dora De Larios: The Studio is My Church”

2020-02-21T08:11:14+00:00By |Art Parties / Exhibitions / Fairs, Reviews|

The recently deceased Dora De Larios brought a warm positivity to the damp evening opening at the Craig Kull Gallery at the Bergamot Station. Her mirthful ink works were reminiscent of children's illustrations, themselves generally an uplifting work to bring about

Exhibition Review: Sara Abbott, No Free Bread Gallery

2020-02-20T10:36:52+00:00By |Art Parties / Exhibitions / Fairs, Reviews|

The grand opening of the No Free Bread Gallery presents us with a cryptic collection of abstractions from Sara Abbott. Ms. Abbott provides a copious - if not overwhelmingly so – series of enigmatic uses of the primordial elements to fine

Exhibition Review: dnj Gallery, Corey Grayhorse, “Artificial Memories”

2020-06-04T06:08:30+00:00By |Art Parties / Exhibitions / Fairs, Reviews|

Corey Grayhorse brings tremendous felicity to photography with her exhibition "Artificial Memories" at dnj Gallery. She presents generally eccentric and mildly zany photographs which, while having an autobiographical subtext, can stand alone as cheerful gum drops of contemporary life. It is


2020-02-20T10:53:09+00:00By |Art Parties / Exhibitions / Fairs, Reviews|

The opening of Jeffrey Deitch's Los Angeles Gallery of the artist Ai Weiwei does well to showcase the expansiveness of the space. The 15,000 square feet gallery is phenomenally curated, most notably with the center-piece Stools acting as not only the

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