In the presence of a world-historical phenomenon, Ms. Lazzari testifies to the naturally beautiful at George Billis Gallery LA. It is a wonderful gesture that her most eruptive compositions in Vastness are unstretched canvasses out of creative happenstance due to the COVID-19 limitations. The rawness embellishes on the intrinsic continuum between the artist, the subject, and the world which the creation is superimposed.

Sky Dance by Margaret Lazzari, Courtesy of the artist and George Billis LA

With wisps of color to symbolize the eternal recurrence of harmonic motion which is beyond ourselves, Ms. Lazzari cleverly titles her artworks with an affinity toward what Aristotle described Nature to be: universal and necessary. The abstract representation of this motion is what is stellar to contemplate. As it takes our visual concept of the natural world and its everlasting sensations and moves us to explore its forms minimally and efficaciously. It is this elegance in our perception of the substance of a higher moment arm which provides us the basis for knowing color, texture, and form at all.

And within this elegance, there must be recognized the integral unity between the world of our representation and the world of the artist. Indeed, this is the true experience of the fine arts – as an effort at authenticity with a world beyond man, one which is permanently perceivable. Yet the timeliness, with the universal and necessary movement of our selves towards quarantine containment, is poetical. Our current presence is irreducibly confined to appreciating the elemental qualities to an existence which precedes our motivations, which are now so digitally thirsty we are remiss to make efforts at gratitude to the Most High.

Prismatic by Margaret Lazzari, acrylic on canvas, 56 x 70 inches

While some may be inclined to find the artistry uninspiring and redundantly abstract, the efforts at extending into a sublime space of human perception in the presence of a global phenomenon cannot go unnoticed. The creative limits imposed must be judged to be good, as it concentrates ourselves onto extending into a sumptuous world of perpetually harmonic motion, even if viral discord is apparent. This is a soothing effort, then, and a providential one at that.

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