The Venice Institute of Contemporary Art (ViCA), in collaboration with the bG Gallery presents “Santa Monica: Now & Then.” “The collaboration between ViCA and bG Gallery, continues ViCA’s ongoing exhibitions chronicling the history and practice of art in Southern California. Santa Monica, Venice, and Southern California in general has and will continue to provide a legacy to the art world that we are only just beginning to understand and appreciate,” explained Juri Koll.
Feb2-2019-520Size-bGGallery-Vica-DAVIDHOCKNEY-b1937-EXTENDINGFEBRUARY-1990-HomemadePrint-17x22in-Overall2-Panels-SignedandDatedLowerLeftofRightPanelEdition8-50 edited-1
DAVID HOCKNEY (b. 1937), EXTENDING FEBRUARY, 1990, Homemade Print, 17 x 22 inches Overall (2 Panels), Signed and Dated Lower Left of Right Panel, Edition 8/50

“Following on our well-received previous shows (Venice: Here & Now; Venice: Now & Then), Om Bleicher and I got together and decided to mount another exhibition focusing on Santa Monica in his new bG Gallery location on Ocean Park.” Koll continues, “Part of the mission for us both at the Venice Institute of Contemporary Art and bG Gallery is to identify, protect and sustain the history and culture of one of the most historically important centers of independent artistic expression – Southern California – a place we know and love. Artists have been drawn here for creative reasons since the turn of the 1900’s, by its community – yes, by the sand, surf, sun – but most importantly by the freedom that comes from the kind of people who make it their home or workplace.”

The artists in this exhibition have worked here one time or another, lived and kept their studio here, spent a great deal of time here for inspiration, and/or all of the above, and you will find insights to this alongside the work as you view the exhibition. Artists include: Sam Francis, Peter Alexander, Ruth Weisberg, Barbara Kolo, William Turtle, Gay Summer Rick, Jack Duggan, Bob Borman, Mike Street, Dick Keltner, Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Gehry, Lilly Fenichel, David Hockney, Bruce Richards, Ed Moses, George Herms, Bruce Hamilton, Ed Ruscha, MB Boissonnault, Bob Branaman, Mx Farina, Randi Matushevitz, Bryan Ida, and Shingo Francis.

What: Art Talk
Where: bG Gallery 3009 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405
February 16, 2019; 1:00pm