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On View through September 25, 2022: The Museum of Neon Art, Warren Neidich

2022-07-16T15:06:06+00:00By |Exhibitions / Events / Fairs, Running Now|

The Museum of Neon Art presents the world premiere of “The Brain Without Organs: The Aporia of Care,” an exhibition of two large neon installations and a series of blacklight activated paintings by artist Warren Neidich. An opening reception was held

On View thru Sept 10, 2022: Craft in America, Tibbie Dunbar

2022-07-16T15:00:14+00:00By |Exhibitions / Events / Fairs, Running Now|

Craft in America is pleased to present the exhibition “Tibbie Dunbar: Assemble.” For over three years, multimedia artist Tibbie Dunbar collected plastic debris from the streets of Los Angeles, composing and assembling them into small sculptures. The gallery will host an all day opening from 12-6pm. 

July 16, 2022: Craft in America, Assemblage Workshop, Tibbie Dunbar

2022-07-17T15:28:24+00:00By |Past Events|

Craft in America hosts an assemblage workshop led by artist Tibbie Dunbar. The workshop takes place on July 16, froom 12-2pm, and costs $12 per person. This event takes place in conjunction with Craft in America's current exhibition - “Tibbie Dunbar: Assemble,”

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