Iris Project offers a new exhibition titled “2021” by Kim McCarty. There will be an opening reception held on September 18, 2018, but you can view the exhibition through October 31, 2021. 

Kim McCarty, 4 Winged 4 Upper Legs Light Green, (2021) Watercolor on paper, 34 x 44.75 in.

The artist continues her practice of working wet-on-wet with watercolor on paper. Her translucent medium co-exists with her subjects in an evolving dialogue of nature and the human form. In a new series of female silhouettes, McCarty layers her past and present, as ancestors recede and new family members emerge. Elsewhere, dragonflies and botanical forms rise from the page as McCarty embraces the physicality of wet paper, creating a sculptural effect of vibrant resiliency and renewal.

McCarty’s digital animation Empatio begins with wet droplets converging to reveal an isolated figure, who is slowly introduced to other figures. The sounds of bird calls and nature recede as the group expands and the chatter of highways and the city take over. Bird calls resume as the individual slowly returns to nature and diffuses back into elemental watercolor splashes. Empatio looks at what re-entering society will feel like after such a languid year, edging back towards a new normal.

On view: September 15  – October 31, 2021; 

What: “2021,” Kim McCarty
Where: Iris Project, 953 Amoroso Place, Venice, 90291