happy-4th-2014-heartPick of the Week this week is the Fourth of July…

Mama just got back from New York City. I met with galleries and artists…went to the new Whitney Museum….which is AMAZING, BTW!!

I grew up in NYC and went to a Catholic all girl high school (I hear the groans) very close to the old Whitney. I spent many an afternoon there. So I went to the new location with a bit of trepidation. No need, because it was simply magnificent.


I also did a bit of art hopping while in NYC…Stay tuned, I will be posting some info on what I saw and some of the great art parties that I attended.  (you know the deal – Mama is on deadline)….check back later in the week.

So nice to be back in LA and enjoying our wonderful LA weather.

Needless to say this weekend (due to the holiday) does not offer our usual amount of art openings. So take a break, listen to some music, or just hang with the family…or friends.

Check Saturday’s listings for some firework events or just stay home with your honey and make your own!!!