Upon the centennial of the founding of Leach Pottery, the Craft in America Center is pleased to present two exhibitions celebrating the cup as object and the impact of Bernard Leach on studio ceramics. The Craft in America Center presented an art talk with former Leach apprentice Jeff Oestreich and Lead Potter at Leach Pottery Roelof Uys on July 18  – visit the website for more info – craftinamerica.org

“A Humble Legacy” is an exhibition of approximately two dozen works of historic and contemporary cups made by a selection of artists affiliated with Leach Pottery and others who continue in its legacy. Master potters Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada established St. Ives Pottery (Leach Pottery) in Cornwall, England in 1920, and their impact on 20th century ceramics cannot be overstated. Leach’s conception of the artist-potter and his advocacy for studio pottery in England came at a time when industrially-produced ceramics were dominant. His role in communicating Eastern ceramic tradition to the West, had a ripple effect on the global history of contemporary studio ceramics. The utilitarian cups, or yunomi,featured in this exhibition speak to Leach’s ideology and outlook. This international exhibition is organized in consultation with former Leach apprentice, Jeff Oestreich, who worked at the pottery from 1969-1971.

“Here/Now: Contemporary Narrative and Form in the Yunomi” is a ceramic cup invitational, which will consist of a small group of ceramic artists asked to construct a series of yunomi. The cylinder, being the root structure of most ceramic objects, leads to the yunomi, which can be playful and quickly made. The yunomi is a foundational form for most makers-inviting many options, directions, and intent. These are a range of contemporary vessel makers who are dedicated to rethinking traditional ideas. Using the cup as a launching point, this exhibition explores the historical ideal of the humble, anonymous Japanese potter juxtaposed with the American idealism of self-experience. Here/Now is organized by ceramic artists Nikki Lewis and Katie Queen.

On view: 7/18/2020 – 9/19/2020; Craft in America Center is located at 8415 W. Third St., LA, 90048, will be open by appointment and available for virtual tours. To schedule, please email rsvp@craftinamerica.org 

Where: July 18th at 11am PDT, 7pm GMT via Zoom & Facebook Live
Email: RSVP@craftinamerica.o
Phone: (323) 951-0610
Website: https://www.craftinamerica.org