Mash Gallery presents a solo exhibition titled “After the Rain” by Marko Gavrilovic. The gallery hosted an opening reception on July 10, 2021. Contact tthe gallery to view the exhibition.

“After the Rain” is both metaphorical and literal, as Gavrilovic hints at the moment after the rain stops and the world is reborn and refreshed—a time of purification. And yet, rain can take the figurative forms of a rain of conspiracies or political rains as well as the rains of hope. His vision features the tension between the relentless expansion of human civilization into the animal world and how the urbane and the wild vie for space and oftentimes, overlap. Gavrilovic’s goal is to shed light on human progress reflected in the heights and glass of architectural monuments, while the organic world of nature is never far away and will never disappear despite the consequences of humanity’s world-building.

What: Art Party
Where: Mash Gallery, 1325 Palmetto Street, LA, 90013
Phone: 213 325-2759