On February 23, 2019 (from 1-3pm), the Venice Institute of Contemporary Art (ViCA) presents the second and final Art Talk for “Intangible in Paint” moderated by curator Juri Koll. The show features all new works by 10 artists from Southern California known for their command of their chosen medium. Artist/Curator Talks & Tours will be announced early in the new year.
Jan3-2019-VICAJeanne Dunn’s direct use of perspective compresses space in her unusually colored tree paintings that constantly shift between real and unreal, while Megan Frances’ precise hard edge Fleur de Lys Series have expanded onto found textile. Gloriane Harris continues her tradition of oil on canvas Channel Island studies in bold color and motion. Barbara Kolo’s new compositions – formed of dots of paint – here again make us stop and move closer to a kind of zen intensity, while Uschi Lüdemann pulls us deeply into her varietal color fields. Gay Summer Rick has recently focused on coastal city night studies using a new, unique pastel palette with increased luminosity. Roxene Rockwell takes us up and out into her unique trees, bereft of leaves, strong and alone, while Catherine Ruane takes us deep inside her images of trees that have the wisdom of having seen and suffered much alongside us. Sonja Schenk’s atmospheric cut outs began as by products of installation works, and are now a new frontier for study, while May Sun stays close to home (following on a stellar career in public art) with detailed attention to symbols, animals and artifacts from the Chumash. “We brought these 10 artists to ViCA to open 2019 because of their consummate skill of course, but more than that, the intangible quality each of them bring to their works. They all have a story to tell, while keeping it just out of reach, somewhat of a mystery that we understand yet cannot explain,” said Koll.

On view through February 28 

What: Art Talk
Where: The Venice Institute of Contemporary Art is located in the Loft Art Studios & Galleries at 401 S. Mesa Street, San Pedro, CA 90731
When: 1:00 – 3:00pm
Website: https://www.veniceica.org/