Art Basel’s ‘OVR:20c’ will be happening virtually this year from October 28 to October 31, 2020. Featuring 100 Art Basel galleries from 23 countries and territories, ‘OVR:20c’ is dedicated exclusively to works created during the 20th century. Participating galleries will present tightly curated exhibitions showing up to six works simultaneously, celebrating the wide range of artistic production across the century’s ten decades.

Collectors will be able to discover 600 exceptional works by a global array of artists who bore an important influence on one of the most noteworthy centuries in art history, spanning painting, sculpture, drawings, installation, and photography, as well as video and digital works.

Multiple galleries will offer presentations that  showcase defining decades or critical moments within 20th century art. ‘OVR:20c’ will also feature presentations that explore specific currents, trends, and developments across the century

For the full gallery list, please visit The Online Viewing Rooms will be available via the Art Basel website under, as well as on the Art Basel App for the most mobile-friendly experience.