POW-Aug22-2015-croppedGABBAflyer-Wood-Metal-ScrewOur Pick of the Week talkes place this Saturday, August 22, Gabba Gallery presents its second incarnation of “Wood, Metal, Screw.” This is going to be a fantastic art party! In case you haven’t noticed, Gabba Gallery does things just a little different than most galleries. First of all, owner Jason Ostro is an artist and along with Phil Santos (also an artist) they curate shows with an artist’s perspective.

For “Wood, Metal, Screw 2,” artists were only allowed to submit works created with alternative media….wood, metal screw…get it? Co-curators Jason Ostro and Phil Santos actually went one step further and did not allow any works on canvas to be shown as part of the exhibit.

“The Gabba Gallery is the first gallery I have owned, explained Ostro. “I grew up with a mom who is an incredible artist and parents that wanted me to live my dreams.” His love of art would continue through adulthood. “Owning a gallery seemed the logical choice. After spending years buying and selling art via private collectors a friend found my gallery space and informed me that they found it, I rushed over saw it agreed and signed the lease.” The rest is history. The Gabba Gallery has presented some extraordinary exhibitions since inception (2012), and thus it has attracted some incredible talent.

POW-Aug22-Gabba-JenniferVerge-MoneySoupOne such talent is Jennifer Verge. While so many artists draw within the lines, Verge has been busy creating outside the box. Raised in a household of carpenters, wood has obviously made an impression on her.

“Jennifer Verge is an incredible artist we at the Gabba Gallery are excited to exhibit,” said Ostro. Her art is unlike anything else and expresses beauty, excitement and fun exquisitely.”

See image: Jennifer Verge, Money Soup Acrylic Mixed Media on Panel 48 x 24

The essence of Verge’s art is centered simple everyday phrases. These positive lighthearted words are a testament to who she is.” Verge finds inspiration in everyday life. Whether she is laughing with her friends or sitting silently mulling over her day, inspiration can hit at any moment and that recognizable or original phrase will end up in one of her artworks. Often catching just a piece of a conversation can set her off heading back to her studio to create a new work.

For this exhibition, Verge will have three works on display. One of the works is titled Money Soup. “I was inspired to make this piece because I love this quote by Andy Warhol and right now in the art world more than any other time ANYTHING GOES… It’s exciting to be apart of a business where there are basically no rules.” http://jenniferverge.com/

The art of Kristine Schomaker will also be on view. 

See Aug-22-Gabba-KristineShoemakerimage: Kristine Schomaker, A Young Girls Vanity, 24″ x 32″ x 42″ tall (includes vanity and stool) Wood, screw, mirror, acrylic

“This work is inspired by my continuing project ‘A Comfortable Skin,’ which deals with society’s obsession with physical appearance,” explained Shoemaker. “My aim is to facilitate a dialogue about the way young girls, from a very early age, are taught to believe that being pretty/beautiful/thin trumps intelligence, wit and personality. The way I use paint is intentional: the various layers function as metaphorical skin to emphasize just how much we hide behind a shield of manufactured beauty to protect our true selves from society’s scrutinizing eye.” http://www.kristineschomaker.net/

Another artist participating in the exhibit, Nate Otto is consistently creating. “I feel an absolute need to create. When I’m not making art I’m writing or making music. I simply cannot stop.” When asked if he creates art on a daily basis, he replied, “Yes, I work on art everyday. Inspiration is for amateurs. Inspiration to me comes out of the act of making the work.” http://nateotto.com

Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman, a self-taught painter, creating figurative works since 2010. She has worked as an event designer, creating large-scale installations.

“Art Aug22-2015-GabbaGallery-sullivan-beeman 2015 gungirlhas always been a part of my life. My mother was an art photographer and my very first teacher. Some of my earliest memories are painting and drawing in our family art room.”

See image: Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman, Gun Girl, oil and egg tempera on wood; 20.5″ x 26.5″ (framed)

Perhaps the strong, gun loving women that Deirdre paints were inspired by her artistic and wise mother “I aimed to create a girl who is strong, independent, and can hold a gun with a certain level of authority. Since the exhibit includes ‘Screw,’ I wanted the subject, despite her age, to clearly be someone you do not want to screw with. She may look innocent, but she is tough. She’s a force to be reckoned with,” continued the artist. http://www.sullivanbeeman.com/

Jennifer Celio said she too was excited to show at the Gabba Gallery. “My newest body of work has incorporated color and other media like acrylic and watercolor paints along with the pencil. My piece for the Gabba show came about from the larger paintings I recently created, where I am expanding my own personal boundaries in both thematic approach and techniques.” http://www.jennifercelio.com/

See image: Jennifer CeliPOW-Aug22-2015-GabbaGallery-jennifercelio-Astral Travelers-1oAstral Travelers-#1, 2015. 8 x 8″- graphite pencil and watercolor on Yupo paper mounted on wood

Nathan Cartwright will be showcasing a new work titled “The Ladder.” This artist never ceases to amaze me. His intricate creations reveal ‘out of this world’ beings evolving in an extraordinary world. It has made me question what is really going on in his head…but alas that is true for many talented artists.

In addition to being a gifted artist, Cartwright is also the founder/curator of Hive Gallery in downtown LA. He works in various media, so his work was a perfect firt for the theme of this exhibit. “I feel that if you are just a painter or an illustrator it can be limiting…if you paint with stuff, and wood and nails…you always have a new canvas to work with and aren’t limited to a rectangle. This is exciting for me.” http://www.artwrightstudio.com/

POW-New-Aug22-Gabba-NathanCartwrigthSee image: Nathan Cartwright, the Ladder, 2.5 ft tall by 18 inches wide and it is mixed media sculpture- made of super sculpey, acrylic paint, robotic parts, lights all in an old clock

Be sure to check out the work of Jason Ostro and Phil Santos…this one is going to be a fun art party!

Artists included in “Wood, Metal, Screw 2” are: Christopher Slaymaker, Nate Otto, Phobik, Cody Bayne, Kristine Schomaker, WRDSMTH, Patrick Haemmerlein, Wayne Chang, Annie Motel, Thrashbird, Mary Hanson, Nathan Anderson, Kate Kelton, CANTSTOPGOODBOY, LOUDLABS, Max Neutra, HERO, Toshee, Clinton Bopp, Allison Isenberg, Spacegoth, Jennifer Verge, Pastey Whyte, Steven Lopez, Lisa Derrick, Peter Goode, Phil Santos, Jason Ostro, Benedigital, Nathan Cartwright, Juri Koll, Jennifer Celio, L. Croskey, Joey Rotten, James Johnson, Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman, Ken Brayden Matthews, Carly Ealey, Ken Dougherty, Stephan Canthal, Michael Christy, Phobik, JSpot Jr., Blake Shane, Scott Groome, Save the Panduhs, Kophns, Andy Knights, Chris James and Skid Robot

The artist reception is sponsored by 7/11, Hubert’s and Perrier and will feature guest DJ Jonathan Williams.

On view: Aug 22 – Sept 19, 2015

What: Opening reception
Where: The Gabba Gallery, 3126 Beverly Blvd. 90057
When:  August 22, 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Phone: 310-498-2697

Website: www.thegabbagallery.com