The G2 Gallery presents “Cheyne Walls: Miles from Los Angeles,” and “New Wilderness” by Jennifer MaHarry. “Miles from Los Angeles” features breathtaking panoramic shots of the western United States, from Washington to Colorado to Hawaii, and also showcases photos from Cheyne’s recently published homonymous book. The exhibit celebrates nature and beautifully captures the awe-inspiring vistas unique to the west. Over the past five years, Cheyne traveled in all weather conditions, from pounding rain to fresh snowfall, to shoot these destinations in all their splendor.
From Left to Right:  Elysium, Aspen, CO (918 miles from L.A.) and Illumination, Portland, OR (961 miles from L.A.) by Cheyne Walls

Cheyne was recently awarded the International Memorial Maria Luisa Photography Award, one of the most prestigious photography awards. He received first place in the mountain landscape category for “Yosemite Valley,” a black-and-white Ansel Adams-esque photograph that will be on view in this exhibit.

“What stands out about Cheyne’s photography is his use of long-exposure,” says Curator Monika Basse. “The photos are dynamic and alive, becoming a window into the world Cheyne espied and expertly framed. You can sense his enthusiasm for the outdoors in each image.”

“New Wilderness” is the latest photography collection from Jennifer MaHarry. Featuring a bold new take on traditional nature photography, the exhibition showcases eye-catching animal portraits on subtly manipulated backgrounds for a compelling overall effect.

The spirit of the wild is celebrated and illuminated in the photography. Well-known for her clean and unique compositions of wild horses, canids and birds of prey as preferred subjects, MaHarry’s new work artfully includes abstracted graphics and textures, alluding to possible dangers that threaten the existence of these animals. The added elements encourage viewers to linger and take a second look, discovering for themselves the hidden message behind each image.
From Left to Right: “LA Night Owl” and “Desert Lobo” by Jennifer MaHarry.

“The G2 Gallery has a long history with Jennifer MaHarry,” says Curator Monika Basse. “Having showcased her work since 2010, we are excited for viewers to see subject matter they’ve come to love presented in a new and dynamic way.”

What: Opening reception
Where: The G2 Gallery, 
1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA 90291

Phone: 310.452.2842