Madeline Hollander’s “Sunrise/Sunset,” a live installation featuring ninety-six recycled automobile headlights which operates a perpetual world clock,  was celebrated at Jeffrey Deitch’s second Los Angeles gallery space on September 2, 2022. Remember to check with the gallery for up-to-date covid protocols and guidelines – (proof of vaccination and masks MAY be required once again).

Artwork by Madeline Hollander

Hollander highlights the choreography of the invisible systems that shape human experience. The headlights form a global time zone map that performs with the earth’s rotation. As the sun rises and sets across the globe, the headlights react, turning on when moving into the night and off when entering daylight, blinking and shifting in real-time according to their location in the world. The result is an image of global connectedness emerging from the interaction between individual actions, technological automation, and cosmic forces.

Hollander’s work is a unique fusion of choreography and sculpture. She explores how the human body in motion negotiates its limits within systems of technology and daily rituals. Her performances and installations present perpetually looping events that intervene within spatial, psychological and temporal landscapes. Sunrise/Sunset continues her recent research into traffic patterns and instances of automation that attempt to align the body with the cosmos.

Fascinated by the responsive nature of headlight technology which reacts to movement, light and weather conditions, the artist syncs each column of headlights to a different time zone. In addition to creating a live and ceaseless global clock, the artist has developed a networked map and a cascading electronic dance. Visit the website to read more about the artist, and Jeffrey Deitch’s new space. 

On view: September 3, 2022 – October 22, 2022

What: “Sunrise/Sunset,” Madeline Hollander
Where: Jeffrey Deitch, 7000 Santa Monica Boulevard, corner of North Orange Drive, LA, (2nd gallery)