In Santa Monica…dnj Gallery (3015 Ocean Park Blvd, SM, 90405) presents the work of three artists – Pamela Mayers Schoenberg (main gallery), Sarah Hadley (in Gallery II),  Ellen Cantor (in the Installation Room).

Pamela Mayers Schoenberg, from her Yard Art series

Here is some info from photographer and founder of dnj Gallery, Pamela Mayers Schoenberg about her Yard Art series featured in the main gallery:
Photography provides me with a means for exploration. By this, I am talking about my love to find and see all that is around me– all that I have never seen before. The camera gives me permission to enter places that were unknown, and, in a similar way, allows me to meet unfamiliar people and their homelands.

I am fascinated by life stories. My work narrates the unnoticed aspects of living. I examine the things that people have, and these belongings by isolating them. This approach furnishes evidence beyond the first glance. The subject’s emotions, feelings, senses, and relationship to his or her surroundings are portrayed. In the end, I build a strong rapport with the subject, a lasting collaboration.

In my photographs, I explore beyond a documentary approach. I do not want only to record information and merely state the facts, but I also want to describe them. I create a picture that illustrates a narrative.

Sarah Hadley, “Story Lines”  – The series creates a natural, feel-good environment that appeals to the senses, while at the same time, displays an aesthetic value and appreciation. Influenced by the Film Noir genre of the 1950s and 1960s, Sarah Hadley presents women’s independence and strength. The final photographs, compositing several, single images, are formed utilizing an excess amount of light, shadow and texture, all at once.

Ellen Cantor, “Visual DNA…the language of photographs” –  Ellen Cantor, in her third solo exhibition with dnj Gallery, observes time and memory, and together how someone or something is transformed within a certain period (from morning to night, summer to winter, or one year to the next). In this body of artwork, she causes the viewers to look closely at the vintage photographs, and ultimately note what is the most significant part and gesture.

If you would like to visit the gallery, call ahead 310 315-3551). It is open Monday thru Wednesday, 10am – 5pm and Thursday and Friday, 12pm – 6pm.

On view: thru August 30, 2020

Where: dnj Gallery, 3015 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, 90405
Phone: 310.315.3551