I’ve got some great news for you. One of my favorite restaurants just reopened for curbside pick-up. Here is the info.

The Upper West family is excited to announce it will reopen for delivery and curbside pick-up including cocktails and wine beginning May 7, 2020…and the Santa Monica community could not be more happy. Many of our subscribers are frequent diners of the popular eatery.

Please stay tuned to its social media and email for announcements, as the hours and days available may change slightly each week. As of now, after the opening on Thursday May 7, 2020, the beloved restaurant will be open for orders Tuesday – Saturday, 4pm-9 pm, and for Mother’s Day, May 10th, from 11:30am-5pm.

The Upper West will be carefully navigating to the new normal daily, and health protocols remain a top priority to keep everybody safe. With that in mind, below are the measures that the staff will be taking in order to ensure the safety of staff and guests.

  1. Daily Wellness Checks of our employees
  2. Masks and gloves are required for all employees
  3. Social Distancing while waiting inline
  4. Maximum of 2 guests allowed inside the restaurant at a time
  5. All other CDC Safety Guidelines will be strictly followed

Call 310-586-1111 to place your orders directly with the restaurant. Visit the website for more info – https://theupperwest.com/