Art At The Rendon thrives on creative exchange and building dialogue through visual art, dance, theatre, and music. On March 21, 2021 INSIDE THE RENDON // ARTISTS SALON features a discussion with the artists, actors, musicians, and dancers behind the multidimensional productions at the historic Rendon Hotel.


Join the discussion LIVE on Zoom with artists from HIDDEN ROOMS, actors from STORIES, and musicians from RHYTHMS OF THE CITY for an hour-long presentation on how these individuals transformed THE RENDON building during three unique immersive events.

Each event will include:
•Photos & video from Art At The Rendon events, focusing on the artists featured in that episode
•Live talks, studio tours, and musical performances (at the artists’ discretion)
•A Q&A session with each of the featured artists, actors, and musicians

INSIDE THE RENDON // ARTISTS SALON: Episode 1 will feature:
Artist from HIDDEN ROOMS: Dave Lovejoy; Actor from STORIES: Danny Hackin; Musician from RHYTHMS OF THE CITY: Scott Breadman

These events are free to the public; CLICK HERE to register; The free event takes place on March 21, 2021 from 6:00pm – 7:00pm; For additional info, visit the website at –