The Pit celebrated its 100the show with its annual summer group show titled “Wild Frontiers”  July 17, 2021. Don’t fret if you missed it, there is still time to see this fantastic group exhibition…it runs through August 21 2021.

Justine Hill, Chevron Sports, 2021, Acrylic, crayon, colored pencil and paper on canvas, 72×57 inches

Artists include: Donald Baechler, Trudy Benson, Adam Beris, Seth Bogart, Rob Davis, Howard Fonda, Nasim Hantehzadeh, Justine Hill, Samuel Jablon, Jennifer King, Craig Kucia, Kara Joslyn, Becky Kolsrud, Sophie Larrimore, Liz Markus, Brittany Mojo, Kate Pincus-Whitney, Celeste Rapone, Umar Rashid, Conrad Ruiz, Brooklin A. Soumahoro, Ryan Schneider, Muzae Sesay, Marcus Leslie Singleton, Devin Troy Strother, Kevin Tobin, James Ulmer, and Maryam Yousef.

Here is info from the gallery: 

“Several special details make this exhibition extraordinary. Marking The Pit’s 7th anniversary, this is show number one hundred! Calculator says that’s 14.82 shows per year, which is a fuckload of shows. The Pit works hard… real hard. While quantity doesn’t precede quality, this impressive data unapologetically implies rad citizenship; phenomenal determination; audacious collaboration; business acumen; and a very solid good taste / good vibes combo.

Wild Frontiers also marks a return to non-socially distanced events, as we continue processing what we’ve missed and lost, to refamiliarize ourselves with being together. Wild Frontiers is an anti-conquest, salon-style passion play that collects works from over twenty-five artists in favor of encouraging happy collisions, enigmatic conversations, and freaky coincidences. Bright color, ecstatic weirdness, Maximalism, and visionary high times pulsate from every aesthetic zone like distant stars across the universe that individually sparkle to transmit exceptional compatibility. Decadence has entered the building; Wild Frontiers is a cornucopia of flamboyant abstraction and sybaritic figurative drama that subliminally imagines physical contact. This exhibition furthers The Pit’s tradition of curating to encourage new connections, alliances, and avenues between artists who should definitely know each other. Is it time for revelry yet? Not sure, but shout-outs for Pleasure as we remember, reintroduce, and reenter are certainly called for. “ – Trinie Dalton

On View: July 17 – Aug 21 2021;

What:  “Wild Frontiers,” 100th Anniversary Show
Where: The Pit, 918 Ruberta Ave., Glendale, 91201