1301PE celebrates Blake Rayne’s fourth exhibition with the gallery on February 5, 2022 from 5-7pm. The artist offers a presentation of new paintings that display Rayne’s evolving interest in reflexive material procedures in concert with degrees of abstraction. 

Over the last 20 years, Blake Rayne’s work has been central to questioning, contributing and putting to the test contemporary beliefs regarding painting. These recent paintings continue this engagement by alternatively revealing and obfuscating the stages of their production. The surfaces of Rayne’s paintings are divided between gestural abstraction, primed canvas and exposed linen, indexically revealing the process of their construction while resisting classification. In this way, Rayne’s serious yet playful approach simultaneously revels in mark making while critically examining the language of painting.

On view: February 5, 2022 – March 2, 2022; Be sure to check the gallery’s website for its safety guidelines and vaccine mandates (proof of vaccination and masks MAY be required).

What: Blake Rayne
Where: 1301PE, 6150 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90048
Website: https://www.1301pe.com/