Luis De Jesus Los Angeles is very pleased to announce “FEDERICO SOLMI: The Bacchanalian Ones,” on view from April 24 through June 19, 2021. “The Bacchanalian Ones” marks the inaugural exhibition at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles’ new downtown space and the artist’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition features new video-paintings, paintings, drawings, and virtual reality.

Federico Solmi, The Bacchanalian Ones, 2021, Virtual Reality Experience for Oculus Quest 2 with, three unique hand-sculpted masks (Theodora, George Washington, and Colombo) and VR head sets with controllers.

The Bacchanalian Ones is the newest chapter in internationally acclaimed, multi-media artist Federico Solmi’s ongoing exploration into the archetypal myths and ideologies that makeup the American social imaginary. Combining the latest virtual reality technology, video game engines, 3D printing and digital animation software along with the more traditional media of drawing and painting, Solmi has created his own version of commedia dell’arte that reflects on the moralizing, judgmental social airs and graces of our times.

Inspired by ancient mythology, modern myth, and contemporary celebrity culture, The Bacchanalian Ones compares the historical myth with a satirical mash-up of the powerful self-absorbed who preen and wallow in a banal spectacle of their own creation. The Los Angeles premiere of The Bathhouse, Solmi’s masterful five-channel video installation best illustrates this. In a fantastically opulent setting of unrestrained hedonism, political, religious, and military leaders with ghoulish, bouffonesque appearances are surrounded by social elite sycophants like the devotees of the cults of Bacchus and Dionysus.

On view: April 24 – June 19, 2021

What: Grand Opening – NEW LOCATION
Where: Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, 1110 Mateo Street, Los Angeles (in the Arts District)
Phone: 213-395-0762