Homeira and Arnold Goldstein celebrate 2020 Perfect Vision, while hosting a benefit for Lita Albuquerque. On Friday morning, November 9, 2018 as the devastating Woolsey fire raced up and blazed through the Malibu canyon, within an hour Lita Albuquerque lost her entire home property, all her belongings, family history as well as her studio and office filled with a lifetime of artwork, drawings, writings, materials including her journals bound for the Smithsonian.

Since the early 1970s, she has created an expansive body of work, ranging from sculpture, poetry, painting, and multi-media performance to site-specific ephemeral projects in remote locations around the globe. 

Lita is loved immensely by her community and appreciates support to help further her work. Your 100% tax deductible contributions will be used to help rebuild a temporary studio for her to work in and replace items lost in the fire. Your help in this moment can help her get back on the road to building her next body of work and continue her creative reemergence as a renowned international artist.

Enjoy 2020 Perfect Vision, Video Installations by Lita Albuquerque. The event is hosted and sponsored by Homeira and Arnold Goldstein; Homeira Style Creative Cuisine will be served.

RSVP HERE – Eventbrite Reservation Required 
or email art@time4art.us or 310-379-5800

Admission ranges from $400 – $1,000; Refund Policy: No Refunds

What: Benefit, Lita Albuquerque
Where: Residence of Arnold & Homeira Goldstein, Address Provided Upon Completed
When: Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 7:00pm
Phone: 310-379-5800
Website: https://www.time4art.us