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November 9, 2019: Art for Life Project’s annual Art Auction and Fundraiser

2019-11-06T23:49:55+00:00By |Past Events|

This Saturday, November 9, 2019, attend the Art for Life Project's annual Art Auction and Fundraiser and help make a difference in providing increased mental health care.The Art for Life Project supports effective mental health programs and funds scholarships that include

November 9, 2019: dnj Gallery, Raaginder + Nilan Chaudhuri

2019-10-24T05:47:36+00:00By |Past Events|

Please join dnj Gallery for an intimate concert featuring live Indian electronic raga music with the innovative duo Raaginder Momi on violin and Nilan Chaudhuri on tabla, co-hosted by LAHouseConcerts and dnj Gallery.Celebrating its 20th concert, LAHouseConcerts delights in bringing communities

April 23, 2019: 2020 Perfect Vision, Lita Albuquerque Benefit

2019-03-14T06:16:47+00:00By |Past Events|

Homeira and Arnold Goldstein celebrate 2020 Perfect Vision, while hosting a benefit for Lita Albuquerque. On Friday morning, November 9, 2018 as the devastating Woolsey fire raced up and blazed through the Malibu canyon, within an hour Lita Albuquerque lost her

‪November 9, 2018: Vendome’s Annual Wine Tasting Extravaganza‬

2018-10-23T08:09:07+00:00By |Past Events|

Vendome's Annual Wine Tasting Extravaganza is here! If you like wine, stop by Vendome's Annual Wine Tasting Extravaganza. A jam-packed evening full of white wines, red wines, sparkling wines, Champagne and dessert wines from all over the World! Over 250 Wines. Plus,

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