Not ones to let a little thing like a global pandemic get in the way of an art show, the curators of High Beams will kick off their third drive-through art exhibition on Saturday, April 17, in the parking lot and adjacent alleyway east of the Bendix Building.

Rob Brown, Ricardo Harris-Fuentes, and Jorge Mujica: CONSPIRITUALITY, 2020, acrylic on canvas and wood with site-specific projections, variable dimensions

Playfully titled “Laser Snake,” the COVID-safe one night only exhibition will prove to be the most exuberant and mystical yet, with live performances from art clowns, wheat threshing, painters erasing musicians from view, and at least three pyramids, each with a different meaning and aesthetic. The title was inspired by the first High Beams show, when a queue of 150 cars formed a “laser snake” as it meandered through a rooftop parking lot. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

Artists: Rob Brown, Carly Chubak, Chris Collins, Tom Dunn, Serena JV Elston, Scott Froschauer, Jamie Hamilton, Chiho Harazaki, Ricardo Harris-Fuentes, Marina Heintze, Hannah Hughes, Jorge Mujica, Hagop Najarian, Sean Noyce, Max Presneill, Kari Reardon, Kyle Patrick Roberts, Stephanie Sherwood, Steven Soto, Beverly Siu, and Surge Witrön.

Curators/organizers: Carl Baratta, Chelsea Boxwell, Chance Calloway, Dani Dodge, Coffee Kang, Alanna Marcelletti, Rebekah Neel, Sean Noyce, Jordynn Nusz, Louise O’Donnell, Katie Shanks, Katya Usvitsky, and HK Zamani.

Collectives/artist-run spaces: 515, Acceptable Risk LA (ARLA), Durden and Ray, Last Ditch, Level Ground, Museum Adjacent, Noysky Projects, O’ Project Space, and Tiger Strikes Asteroid (TSALA)

What: High Beams #3, “Laser Snake”
Where: Parking lot and adjacent alleyway at 414 E. 12 St. LA, 90031

When: Saturday, April 17, 2021, 8:00 – 10:00pm