An ex-New Yorker, I prefer to take a walk over any other type of transportation. Living by the beach has afforded me the convenience of walking to most of my destinations. Santa Monica’s Main street is a frequent route.

On a Google egg-rolls-chinese-food-weekly basis, I try new restaurants and venture in establishments to take a peek…a quick bite here, a snack there….Being from NYC, I will admit I am a food snob. I was a bi-coastal actress back in the 80s and was horrified to find the state of LA’s basic “diner food” and absolutely appauled by the “Chinese Food”….I’m talking chop meat in an egg roll ….wtf???

Let’s not even bring up what was called a bagel in this town or even a slice of pizza!!! Yikes! Thankfully things have changed. The food in LA has progressively become more savvy. Yes, I will admit I have been swayed by some of LA’s eating habits. I have become accustomed to mustard on my burger. I do enjoy a “fully loaded” in and out burger once a year.

LA’Galley inSM ShrimpScampis cuisine has definitely improved from the 1980s. A restaurant that I’ve been to many times is The Galley. Located at 2442 Main St., I have ordered steaks, enjoyed the happy hour deals at the bar (1/2 price off of selected menu items) and on my most recent visit, I ordered the shrimp scampi. Delicious! Wonderful sauce, great for dipping the signature crusty bread given to each customer when you sit down. I highly recommend this one.

Shoop Eurpean Cafe (2400 Main St) has long peeked my interest. So finally one day I walked in and was taken back by the rude cashier, snippy and impatient. I ordered the Pastrami (the clevelander $10.50). The bad service continued when I sat down to wait for my sandwich…it took forever for my order. I decided to leave when it finally came. Now I am sure the horrible service from Shoop left a bad taste in my mouth. However, I have tasted pastrami from all over the world and there was NOTHING special about this over-priced sandwich….good Sarakraut, but nothing else sparked my interest. Two thumbs down on this one.

Restaurant BravoPizzaOn another day I stopped by BRAVO Pizzeria. I usually don’t order pizza in LA (yes I wait till I return to NYC…don’t want to waste those ever-so-important calories), but I decided, “Heck let’s try some.” Wow!!! What a surprise. Melt in your mouth….goey cheese…foldable NY pizza….unlike the cardboard crusts that I have tried in LA….Great prices too!

I enjoyed a sausage and pepper pizza…yum. Simply Delicious!!! The sandwiches look tasty as well. Alas I can only eat so much. You can bet I’ll be back to try something else….but now at least I know where to go to find a good slice of pizza.

Bravo Pizzeria is located at 2400 Main St. in Santa Monica, CA 90405; (310) 392-7466;

AnGoogle happy hour w clockother restaurant that I have frequented often is La Vecchia located at 2654 Main St. The only issue is, you HAVE TO GET THERE early to partake in its hearty Italian happy hour. But it is worth the wait.

The portions are quite large and not restricted to just appetizers as most. Options include, six varieties of pizza, salads and some incredible pasta dishes.