bPOW-Sat-Aug8-bGGallery-Rick Salafia objet d-artG Gallery presents “Spectrum-Gestalt 2,” a group show which is part curatorial, part installation. “Spectrum-Gestalt 2” brings together artists’ works from a wide variety of genres and mediums, grouping them into an expansive spectrum of color. The exhibition will run through August 16.

See image: Rick Salafia objet d’art

Gallery owner and curator Om Bleiceher explains, “This is a fun exhibit for me because it combines an art installation with a group show it’s also a little sentimental because it is the second incarnation of the show that we installed in the space when we thought we were just going to be here for a month.

bG Gallery has organized some exceptional exhibitions since it moved to Bergamot Station. The first spectrum was one of its most popular exhibits and the unofficial launch of the new Bergamot Station space. The second incarnation will have a similar concept but a different installation structure.

“Spectrum-Gestalt” is POW-Sat-Aug1-Carl-Shubs ShadesofOrange-and-Yellowpart of an ongoing series of installation/curatorials exploring gestalt principles by Bleicher, also a terrific artist himself (Airom).

See image: Carl Shubs, Shades of Orange and Yellow

Bleicher continues, “A year and a bit later we have the sequel, just like the first show this one allows us to explore mostly new artists to the gallery (though we’ll also be featuring gallery artists from the first spectrum show amidst the spectrum) and push the boundaries and breadth of what we usually show b.y having the cohesive color scheme tie together the diversity in the styles and mediums.”

See image: by Michael Baroff, Apex 14 X 18. 3POW-bGGallery-MichaelBaroffApex-14X18-3

Exhibiting Artists: Michael Baroff, Gay Summer Rick, Allan Peach, Daniel Rolnik, Charles Swenson, Krystal Becker, Mia Loucks, Melissa Meier, Nancy Larrew, Airom, Christopher Mudgett, Ted Meyer, Chad Knapik, Mallory Morrison, Darren Saravis, Organa Meets, Alake Shilling, Krystal Becker, Teale Hatheway, Miles Regis, Lily Piper Faye, Carolyn Schlam, Flora Golden, Mikhail Sokolovskiy, Yvette Brown, Jay Schuette, Nicholas Sitter, Keith Dugas, Betty Green, Betzi Stein, Bibi Davidson, Bill Faecke, Boris von Hopffgarten, Bruce Cockerill, Carl Shubs, Cathi Milligan, Chenhung Chen, Daggi Wallace, David Dumo, David Isakson, Debra Behr, Debra Dobkin, Diane Cockerill, Dwora Fried, Dylan Strickland, Ella Faktorovich, Erika Lizée, Eunsil Jeoung, Faina Kumpan, Zara Kuredjian, Fred Tieken, Gina M. Fernandez, Heather Lowe, Holly Savas, Jana Charl, Jenny E. Balisle, Jessica Aquila Cymerman, Karen Barbour, Kate Dedlow, Katharina Stenbeck, Katherine Kean, Kurisutein Lopusnak, Linda Zigman Kosoff, Lucie Hinden, Madeleine Wories, Mara Zaslove, Margaret Hyde, Maria Bjorkdahl, Maureen Haldeman, Michelle Alexis Newman, Myrna Keliher, Nancy Goodman Lawrence, Narges Noroozi, Rachel Weissberger, Randi Hokett, Rick Salafia, SameSource, Samuelle Richardson, Shula Singer Arbel, Soo Lim, Susan Lizotte, Suzy O’ Mullane, Tami Bahat, Tree Stokes, Trudi Devine, Yaron Dontan, Zoe Topsfield, Faina Kumpan, Sally Patrone, Conchi Sanford, Gwen Adler, Chris Uptergrove, Toby salkin, Donna Geist Buch, Preston M. Smith, Eva Asquith Wilson, Kathy B. Shapiro, Linda Smith, Charles Malinsky, Vanessa Madrid, Warren Long, Tracey Harnish, Teresa Flowers and more.

SYaron Dotan Apertureee image: Yaron Dotan, Aperture

There will also be a closing reception on Sunday August 16 from 2-4 pm.

Gallery hours: 10-6 pm Tues-Sat or by appointment.

On view: August 1 – August 16

What: Opening reception 
Where: bG Gallery at Bergamot Station 2525, Michigan Avenue, Space G8A, Santa Monica, CA 90404
When: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm – August 8
Phone: 310-906-4211