Band of Vices debuted two solo exhibitions – “PINK PARTY,” by Nigerian-based figurative artist, REWA, and “SEE ME FLOWING” by the Portuguese-based abstract artist, Tiffanie Delune on September 10, 2022. The exhibitions will run through October 8, 2022. Remember to check with the gallery for up-to-date covid protocols and guidelines – (proof of vaccination and masks MAY be required once again).

“PINK PARTY” – These nine new works represent a shift in attitudes of younger generations towards ancient rites such as courtship and pre-marital consummation. The artist elaborates: “”Igbo (a tribe in the south-east region of Nigeria) people are notorious for their conservative approach to courtship before marriage. Traditional Igbo families want to avoid their family name coming into disrepute and as a result, young men and women dating openly without any family commitment is often frowned upon. Families seek to protect their women by advising against associating her name with a young man before the certainty of a marriage is confirmed.”

“SEE ME FLOWING” – Tiffanie Delune weaves through these 13 works with an intentional act of playfulness, while embarking on a wondering wandering. The artist confesses: “Highly biographical, I started my reflection in this body of work on whether “The Egg Or The Bird” came first, does the free spirit child is born as such, comes from its genealogy, or becomes one bird on its own? From there, I questioned the relationship to our first carrier, our mother, and how much is passed on to us from the womb and parents. In my case, generational trauma in the form of anxiety and a vision of a peaceful yet entangled baby in troubled waters that I had through hypnotherapy.”

On view: September 10, 2022 – October 8, 2022

What: New Exhibitions
Where: Band of Vices, 5351 West Adams Blvd., LA 90016