Saturday, October 1st was a very entertaining and soulful night of Latinx music at the Ford Theatres in Hollywood. What I loved about the open air amphitheater is that we were outside with the Hollywood Hills behind the stage. What a beautiful backdrop!

Hosted by L.A.’s own Raúl Campos, the renowned broadcaster and DJ who has come from the underground to represent KCRW’s eclectic vibes, embracing devotion and diversity; and Pili Montilla, the Emmy award-winning television host and producer who has made a name for herself in the world of bilingual entertainment.

This was truly a special night because the independent record company Cosmica Artists celebrated their 18th anniversary of music, community, and movimiento. The music curated by founder Gil Gastelum and his team featured the East LA R&B “souldies” sound of Thee Sinseers, the bilingual, pop-driven indie rock band Luna Luna, the dreamy synth-pop of Katzù Oso, and the sultry, straight-to-the-heart songwriting of Irene Diaz. Together, Noche Cosmica paid homage to the label’s legacy of innovation while showcasing the modern musical landscape through the Latinx lens.

Irene Diaz (left), Katzù Oso; photos courtesy of The Ford

First to perform in the lineup was California singer-songwriter Irene Diaz. I enjoyed her deeply felt, sultry voice, a smooth blend of modern pop, soul, and R&B. Her 2022 debut full-length album, “Lovers & Friends,” was recorded in both Mexico City and Los Angeles. With its captivating melodies and richly nuanced ambiance, it introduces Diaz as an artist who’s taken many paths to get to this point.

Katzù Oso, the next to perform connected with the audience as soon as he came out on stage. I found him to be very charismatic and loved his mellow voice. He is a Latinx solo artist based out of Los Angeles whose music is written entirely in his bedroom, a blend of pop with new age 80’s nostalgia. The moniker of Paul Hernandez, Katzù Oso combines upbeat, dancey production with dreamy vocals. Taking inspiration from artists like HOMESHAKE, Tame Impala and more, Hernandez sought to combine a thoughtful synth-drenched sound with influences from growing up east of Los Angeles.

Luna Luna (left), Thee Sinseers; photos courtesy of The Ford

Next up was Dallas indie-rocker quartet Luna Luna. Members of the band include founder Colombian-born, Dallas bred Kavvi, Danny Bonilla, Kaylin Martinez and Ryan Gordon. Their very cool vibe and synth-pop grooves had us up on our feet dancing along with the audience. Singer-songwriter Kavvi was having fun with the audience too and I enjoyed watching him and listening to his expressive voice.

And last, but certainly not least was Thee Sinseers. Straight out of East L.A. and led by Latinx singer-songwriter Joseph Quiñones, the band featured a full rhythm and brass section, and are said to be inspired by the interrelated lowrider and soul music scenes that began within the Chicano communities of Los Angeles in the 1950s. This was no doubt my favorite band of the night. Joseph Quiñones was so fun to watch and listen to. His smooth as silk voice had me swooning and I was up on my feet again dancing with the crowd. All the band members were fantastic and I also really enjoyed the rich, textured and soulful voice of Adriana Flores.

What a wonderful evening and celebration of Cosmica Artists!  Visit the website to find out more about The Ford Theatres, 2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East, Hollywood, CA, 90068;