Pick of the Week The Brewery Art Walk….takes place over two days, this Saturday and Sunday.As many know, I am a big fan of the complex and the artist community. I have attended the event previously and want to encourage all to take a trip downtown to the Brewery.
Sat-Oct22-2016-Brewery-ARTWalkA former Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery/bottling plant, the Brewery’s achitecture alone is an alluring bonus. Add to that a group of creative artists who have created a strong supportive community. Some have been there for years, others are newcomers, excited to be part of the historic venue. Many live in their studio spaces. Each unit is completely different showcasing the original aged pipes and hardware, exposed brick and vintage doors and windows.

Culinary art will also be featured this weekend. Hipcooks provides hands-on cooking classes for the novice and seasoned cook alike. Measuring implements are banned, tasting is encouraged, and your inner chef is invited to play. The best part? Every class ends with a dinner party!  http://www.hipcooks.com/

Also at the same loft space (Hipcooks), artist Patrick Haemmerlein will be showing new works. inspired by both nature and urban settings. Here you will find some of his works which focus on the 6th street bridge, set to be torn down soon. Find out more about this artist on his website http://urban1028.com

Nicole Fournier has had a studio at the Brewery since 2007. ​”I love my loft space that I have at the Brewery because it gives me an opportunity to work and to be close to other fellow artists here in the community. An added bonus is to be able to participate in the art walk twice a year.​” Nicole will be showing her encaustic pieces at the art walk. “My work is based on photography first (I shoot all the images), then I transfer them into a beeswax medium, and embellish the surface with pigmented wax.” The artist continues to work on her ongoing series titled “Human nature,” as well as her ndustrial and Nature-related pieces. ​642 Moulton Ave., loft #E-28​. nicolefournier.com

Chilean-born artist Guillermo Bert has been exhibited in the United States and South America and is included in the collections of numerous museums. You can find Guillermo at his studio #E19. http://www.gbert.com/

Kathryn Keller’s work features eeryday people, while referencing contemporary events, art history, feminist issues and pop culture. http://www.kathrynkellerart.com

POW-April25-DebiCableA favorite of mine is the art of Debi Cable.

There is a charge for this exhibition ($5 for all weekend access)…but its TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

Debi will be showing her installation “Vortex of Destiny” for the brewery Artwalk. She explaines, “It is the brainchild of designer Dave Taylor, who had asked me to create the 3d Blacklight mural to go inside! It’s a mind bending spinning tunnel of 3d magic, thats 24′ x 16′ and originally created for burning man.”

Her installation will be showing at 642 moulton ave loft e34 At the end of the hot boxes.

Be sure to check Debi’s FB Page. You can catch a video of this newest installation, The Vortex of Destiny on you tube.

Be sure to check out the photography of Jane Szabo (W 16). Szabo’s art has been exhibited across the United States and internationally. Her work is currently on view at the I-5 Gallery at The Brewery. Here you can see work from many of the artists with open studios and narrow down which ones you want to visit. http://www.janeszabophotography.com/

Cynda Valle has been painting daily since she was 18. As an artists she captures ordinary moments and infueses them with surrealism. She has shown in museums across the country.

Costume designer Francine Lecoultre is also a part of the Brewery Art Complex. In addition to her beautiful creations gracing the screen, stage and TV commercials, Lecoultre is also a multimedia artist. She has created special textiles for movies and theatrical productions around the world.  http://www.lecoultrestudio.com/

John Zarcone’s most recent work deals with youth culture, language, identity, and making meaning in the space between image and text. Utilizing strategies that reference film, political posters, popular culture, and conceptual photo-text work. He has exhibited in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Las Vegas Nevada, and Brooklyn New York. http://www.johnzarcone.com

POW-BreweryDaviaKing-Your-PerspectiveArtist Davia King will be featuring two new series. The first series focuses on the femaile form. “It was inspired by my Mormon upbringing and strict outlook on what nudity means, explained the artist. “I am challenging the perceptions I was taught about chastity, morality, and nudity by using perspectives of the body that are not ‘traditional’ and inviting the viewer to consider their own views on nudity in general as well as their own naked body and any judgements they may hold. I will have a few paintings of neurons mixed in as well to highlight perception is a choice. And we are able to choose new perceptions.”

See image: Davia King, “Your Perspective,” Ink and Acrylic, 30 in. x 40 in.

Her second series showcases abstract faces which she created by layering faces upon faces to then create the final piece. Stop in to have your portrait done…”This will be done in a blind contour style where I do not look down at my paper but keep my eyes locked on their face,” explains the artist. “This project is about seeing and connecting with another human as I look at them in a way that pushes the bounds of social norms. Being seen brings up a number of emotions different for each participant. This is inspired by my desire to connect to humanity and reflect back what I see.” http://Daviaking.com

Bruce Dean is an award winning illustrator. He has worked as an exhibiting abstract artist; editorial, corporate and advertising illustrator and international poster artist for over thirty years. The artist teaches advanced painting at Mount St Mary’s college and is a founding partner of MetaFour Productions, a non-profit corporation that produces visually creative instruction for educator’s and students. 600 Moulton Ave. studio #203. http://www.brucedeanart.com/

One more artist Sean Sobczak (see imgae), is a talented sculptor who has created massive installations. Inspired by a trip to Burning Man in 2001, Sobczak returned revitalized. He created a six foot tall, glowing seahorse which would be the cornerstone of an elaborate 33 foot long mobile installation for the next summer’s festival.

FPOW-Brewery-Sandmancreationsor more info visit Sobczak’s webiste. http://www.sandmancreations.com

The group of talented resident artists are painters, photographers. printmakers and sculptors.  Other resident artists have been experimenting with Immersive 3D environments, LED light sculpture, high tech and high class furniture design, contemporary fashion and environmental design, new media and digital art. The artists of the Brewery stretch the meaning of art in different directions, but are often on the leading edge of the Los Angeles.

As always there will be many new artists, food trucks, a beer garden hosted by the onsite eatery…Barbara’s restaurant. So come come for the whole day…You may want to enjoy two days at the Brewery….there are soo many great studios down there.

Be sure to pick up a map when you get there and visit other talented artists such as Susan Berkowitz, Dani Dodge, Titia Estes, Teale Hathaway, David McKenney, Ted Meyer, Jill Sykes, Samuelle Richardson, Kristine Schomaker, Rob Silverman, Lisa Simone, Ana Stump, and many more.

The biannual Brewery Art Walk is said to attract 5,000 people to the Brewery Arts Complex which offers over 150 open studios. I wrote an article about this event a couple years ago for the Downtown News. The Brewery Artwalk is FREE and open to the public! It’s located northeast of downtown Los Angeles, off the 5 Freeway’s Main Street exit.

Check out the FB Page.

What: The Brewery Art Walk
Where: The Brewery, 2100 North Main Street, LA, 90031
When: Saturday Oct 3 + Sunday, Oct 4  11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m
Website: http://www.breweryartwalk.com