Pick of the Week, The Brewery Art Walk….takes place on two days, this Saturday and Sunday. I am a big fan of the complex and the artist community. I’ve been many times before and highly recommend it.

A former Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery/bottling plant, the Brewery is located in Downtown LA. There are so many interesting and creative artists working out of the Brewery. Many live in their studio spaces. Each unit is completely different with many of the original aged pipes and hardware, exposed brick and vintage doors and windows.

The biannual Brewery Art Walk is said to attract 5,000 people to the Brewery Arts Complex which offers over 150 open studios. I wrote an article about this event a couple years ago for the Downtown News.

Going on 33 years the world’s largest art community, located in Los Angeles, is once again opening its studios to the public. This is not your average Artwalk!

This April at the Brewery, The Brewery Artwalk Association is pleased to feature the largest contingent of pioneering artists in the Los Angeles area.

The group of talented resident artists are painters, photographers. printmakers and sculptors.  Other resident artists have been experimenting with Immersive 3D environments, LED light sculpture, high tech and high class furniture design, contemporary fashion and environmental design, new media and digital art. The artists of the Brewery stretch the meaning of art in different directions, but are often on the leading edge of the Los Angele
POW-Brewery-ArtWalk-Ted-Meyer-broken-backArtist Ted Meyer will be open for business….Working in several mediums, he will be featuring one of his most recent projects is his “Scarred for Life” work. Also on view is his new series of abstracts.

See image “Broken Back Scar

The scars are part of a 16 year project documenting body trauma and the stories of survival that come with it.

“I have lived at the brewery for 15 years, I’ve done all but 3 of the artwalks in that time,” explained Meyer. “It has been a great experience. I’ve met a lot of great people. Sold a lot of work, found a publisher that lead to 7 books being published, had several long lost friends walk into the studio. I even got a free operation from a Doctor who purchased a painting. You never know what will happen, or who will walk in.”

Meyer will also be offering both his children’s and scar books for sale as well as his abstract paintings. “The abstracts are a new exploration of color and non narrative work for me, a first.” You can see the work of Ted Meyer at 2020 North Main Street #235; www.tedmeyer.com

But don’t leave yet, there’s more art in that sPOW-Brewerey-StumpandHill-Orange-Huneysuckele with Humminbirdame studio…Hill & Stump will be showing their collaborative paintings.

Acrylic color and metallics float between layers of epoxy resin, creating depth and shifting brilliance, with references to Japanese motifs, Rococo foliage, gilt decoration, and Impressionist movement. Influences include Fragonard, Sargent, David Reed, and the light and landscapes of Southern California.

See image: Orange Huneysuckele with Hummingbird

For more info, about Hill & Stump, visit http://www.hillandstump.com/

As always there will be many new artists, food trucks, a beer garden hosted by the onsite eatery…Barbara’s restaurant. So come come for the whole day…You may want to enjoy two days at the Brewery….there are soo many great studios down there.

Another favorite of mine….I LOVE the art of Debi Cable…(I often wonder what is going on in her head).

There is a charge for this exhibition (2 people $5 for all weekend access)…but its TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

YPOW-April25-DebiCableou will walk through the exhibition with 3D glasses and be transported into a three-dimensional realm of enchanted forests, fire-breathing dragons, the deep sea and more. With special 3D glasses, these art pieces float off the walls, floor and to come alive in front of your eyes!  For more info about Debi Cable’s Blacklight experience, see her FB Page.

The Brewery Arts Complex was an operating brewery from 1897 through 1979. Its second life as an arts complex began in 1982 with the passing of the Artist-In- Residence code, a Los Angeles housing code that gave artists the right to rent live/work space in industrially zoned buildings.

The Brewery Artwalk is FREE and open to the public! It’s located northeast of downtown Los Angeles, off the 5 Freeway’s Main Street exit.

Check out the FB Page…as well as the FB Event Page.

What: The Brewery Art Walk
Where: The Brewery, 2100 North Main Street, LA, 90031
When: Saturday April 25 + Sunday, April 26  11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m
Website: http://www.breweryartwalk.com