On October 1, 2016, Nickolas ChelyNickolausChelyapovapov will make his curatorial debut with a group photography exhibition titled “Photographic Language.”

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Chelyapov is a talented photographer in his own right, and said since there is so much going on around us, we need to look at the big picture of existence.

See image: by Nickolas Chelyapov, “White wheel of Fortune” 20×16, archival paper, 2011,

“It’s banal, but true, that photography can freeze some moments and convert them to longer-lasting experience/interaction. Hence, I wanted to put on display that multifariousness of everything in one space. The more divergent the participants and their works are – the more adequate I’d consider it for the show. And in reality, presenters, among other things, are from various ethnic origins, e.g., Oriental,  African-American, Latino, among others, reflecting universal and American reality.”

He compared how he will organize the exhibition with his love of the folk art form – quilt art. “I want a quilt made of photographs, put on display salon style, dense and demanding for both presentation and observation. Hence, it will about 25 participants.” He added that he wanted people to have fun and enjoy the images in the context of others and see not juxtaposition, but unity and universality of what photography offers us through its special language on a “Photographic Language” show!

HeOct1-2016-LARK-SashaTivetsky-MuscleBeachre is some info on a few of the artists:
Sasha Tivetsky has a background in photojournalism. “I like to focus on details to tell a story but that’s about as abstract as I will get. I’m not interested in photo manipulation, there is so much beauty in the real, in the every day and more complexity than you can ever imagine.”

See image: by Sasha Tivetsky

This will be the first time she will be exhibiting her work with Lark Gallery. “I’m going to be showing photographs from an ongoing series I have been working on called Beach Communities.”  Tivetsky explained that her current series was inspired by memories of coming to Santa Monica Pier and Venice’s Muscle beach with her grandmother.  Beach Communities is centered around the multi-faceted beach culture in Los Angeles. http://www.sashativetsky.com

Dan Lopez’s photographs will also be featured. “I primarily shoot landscapes, though there is a fair amount of abstraction in my work. I’m big on finding symbolism in everyday scenes and objects, whether it be latent or overt.” He recently started shooting more portraits. “It’s very different for me, as I’m used to finding things as they are and capturing a fleeting moment, whereas portraits typically require more planning. That being said, I’ve been trying to take my portraits of people in their natural surroundings, i.e. a motel owner in his office.” http://www.flyingships.com

IrOct1-2016-LARK-IrinaChelyapov-Cecinestpasunepipeina Chelyapov (another participating artist) pointed out that photography was an ‘amazing gift.’

See image: by Irina Chelyapov, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” Billboard at Wilshire Blvd near LACMA, 2006, 8.5 x 11 inc., Archival Pigment Print on paper

My photograph of billboard at the corner of Wilshire Blvd and Fairfax advertising an exhibit of my favorite artist Rene Magritte, represents both surrealistic and conceptual nature of our fantastic and diverse city LA and its cultural melting pot. The name of the painting “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” reminds me of my first impression of the city Los Angeles, which is not quite a city according to standard perception.

Irina is a talented painter and muralist, in addition to being a photographer. “My classical art school training is very helpful for composition.” She added that working with color and balance in photography is just as important. Irina said she seeks out subjects to photograph that visually excite her. Very often her photography inspires her painting.

To find out more about Irina Chelyapov’s photography, visit http://www.larkgallery.com/photographic_language.php or her fine art, see irinac.com and finally info on her murals can be found on http://www.irinasmurals.com

FOct1-216-LARK-FrankGriffin-Tongva-Parkor the past forty years, Frank Griffin has been a professional photographer.

See image: by Frank Griffin, “Tongva Park, Couple watching the Ocean” printed on archival paper, 2016

Griffin has been published in Rolling Stone Magazine, and photographed numerous musicians and celebrities. In fact, he was Prince’s photographer for two tours “Sign o’ the Times” in 87-88, and “Lovesexy” in 88-89. Click here to see his photo of Prince published in Rolling Stone Magazine. Most recently, Griffin has been shooting more landscapes and architecture.

Mark Anthony Stewart shoots a variety of different landscapes, textures and environments, then  combines them to create a contrasting image. “My favorite is long exposures; I really love the way light can be harnessed at night or the way the ghostly images can create artistic shapes that can also be merged into very interesting narratives.” The artist said that the time of day and where he is will determine the shot. “I think what should exist in any successful photograph is contrast,” continued Mark. “Contrast and warmth. I see a lot of photographers doing the digital makeovers and some of them look good but others can be too refined. Life is not refined. Life is grainy and gritty and sometimes it’s ugly. If you try to beautify it too much it losses its artistic edge and you’re just taking pictures. Anybody can take a picture, I think it’s the artist in us that makes it photography not picture taking.”

For the past nine and a half yeaOct1-2016-LARK-JermaineSaundersrs, Jermaine Saunders has been actively pursuing his photography. Saunders is a big fan of architecture, landscapes and portraits. Within the past few years, he has been incorporating various subjects into one image. “I love being able to capture a moment and make it seem unreal,” said Jermaine. http://jaieart.com

See image: by Jermaine Saunders, Bright Ideas, printed size 8×8, 2014

Enjoy two new exhibitions at LARK Gallery – “Photographic Language,” a group show and “Retrospective.”

“Photographic Language” will feature the work of Alice Esposito, Dan Lopez, Dima Malanitchev, Dmitry Matusov, Donna Bell, Fabricio Espasande-Bouza, Frank Griffin, Gail Oliver, Gregory Thompson, Irina Chelyapov, Jean Brantley, Jermaine Saunders, Jim McKinnis, Kirill Chelyapov, Krisjan Klenow, Mark Anthony Stewart, Michael Bezman, Narine Isajanyan, Nickolas Chelyapov, Nickolas Peter Chelyapov, Olga Fotinich, Peter Shpayer, Richard Bilow, Richard S. Chow, Sasha Tivetsky.

SNickolaus-Chelyapovee image by Nickolas Chelyapov, “Daughter,” 12×16, archival paper, 1991

“Retrospective” is a solo exhibition by Nickolas Chelyapov – presenting several decades of figurative and non-representational photography.

Refreshments served. Music by Leo Chelyapov; Parking in rear and at City Hall; parking across W 126th Street. For additional info, visit LarkGallery.com

On view: October 1 –  October 22, 2016

What: Opening reception
Where: Lark Gallery Hawthorne, 12609 Hawthorne Blvd. Hawthorne, CA 90250
When: 5:00pm – 9:00pm – October 1, 2016
Website: http://www.larkgallery.com/photographic_language.php