As many of our readers know, we have always attempted to keep politics and religion out of the content that we post on, to allow all beliefs of all people to co-exist. However, as an art writer, it becomes challenging, when so much of the work created by artists is influenced by many political and socio-economic topics.

More than anything I (Kathy Leonardo) want to stress my belief that every being on this earth is equal. The inequality that so many people of color have dealt with is NOT fair. Our Chinese residents, or anyone who looks Chinese, have had to deal with a blanket of blame for the Corona Virus, just because of its origins – ridiculous.

I do NOT agree with everyone and their beliefs, but we all need to work on being more open to hearing all points of views….that means me too.

What is happening right now, with this week’s protests, is the culmination of a chaotic storm which started in March 2020. The world has been in a swirl of turmoil since the pandemic hit, with so much loss of income and so much uncertainty amid its inhabitants. The horrific killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police was the impetus for days of protests…which continues as I write this. The world has been changed forever…hopefully in a good way.

We need to stand up and fight for these social injustices…this is a global issue, a further example that we are all the same. So let’s all be more respectful, and celebrate our differences while treating others the way we want to be treated. Most importantly, listening is the key to healing and a new beginning for us all.

Please be safe.